Take a Jewelry Class in Tucson, Arizona

The Most Interesting Jewelry Classes are at the JOGS Gem Show this February

Whether you’re visiting Tucson for the gem shows or you’re a local, when you visit the gem and mineral shows in February, make sure to schedule in a jewelry class. Whatever you love, you’re sure to find beading classes, metal work classes, wire jewelry classes, or soldering jewelry classes, offered by amazing jewelry instructors with breathtaking projects for you to learn from. You’ll discover these fascinating opportunities at the JewelryTools Jewelry Classes at JOGS, the jewelry and gem show at the Tucson Expo Center. There are over 100 different jewelry classes to choose from, and you can easily find the perfect class for you. Click here to see available jewelry classes in Tucson.

Why Do We Make Jewelry?

What makes us love to create jewelry? Who knows! It could be the thrill of creating jewelry to wear, or to give as gifts. It could be the excitement of learning new jewelry techniques and developing jewelry making skills. It could be the rush of pushing ourselves to create new jewelry forms, and the feeling of achievement when we look down at the new piece just made. When you take jewelry classes in Tucson, you’ll be around people who feel the same way, who get the same feelings of awe and pride when they see the jewelry they’ve made.

Meredith Arnold teaching jewelry classes in Tucson

And the love of jewelry is growing: not limited to making beaded jewelry anymore, jewelry is taking off in metal work, wire wrapping, soldering, and even mixed media. Metal forming classes are popular, and wire wrapping is always useful (who doesn’t love to make their own findings, which saves money and adds cohesion?). Beading classes are still popular, and resin jewelry making and finishing techniques are indispensible.

Taking a jewelry class is much more than learning a jewelry pattern: you’ll learn variations, considerations, and even add your own jewelry design skills to the instructor’s original idea. Jewelry making classes are a great way to increase your creativity and also your dexterity and physical skills.

Wire wrapping classes in Tucson

You won’t believe you made that!

That’s why the Tucson JOGS Gem & Jewelry Show and JewelryTools.com are proud to sponsor 15 jewelry instructors as they teach jewelry making classes in Tucson, AZ this year. This top jewelry education team has experience in all types of jewelry fabrication. You’ll get to choose from beading classes, metal work classes, polymer clay classes, wire wrapping classes, metal forming classes, and even a few special Tucson jewelry classes with soldering, mixed media, and rolling mill techniques.

Eva Sherman's Wire Wrapped Ring and Meredith Arnold's Polymer Clay Ring, taught in class at Tucson

Jewelry classes are the perfect way to spend the day at a gem show, because you can make jewelry with your latest treasure finds. This is also a great way to meet the jewelry instructors who you’ve seen in the jewelry and crafting magazines and online, in a casual and relaxed environment ideal for learning new jewelry techniques.  Whether you recognize our jewelry instructors from Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry, Art Jewelry, Beadwork, or another jewelry magazine, you can trust that you’ll have the best guides to the world of jewelry making that the Tucson gem shows have to offer!

Patti Bullard teaching a jewelry class in Tucson

Make Connections at a Jewelry Class

And of course, sometimes the best connections aren’t the cold connections from your metal work classes.  At the Tucson jewelry classes at JOGS, you’ll get to meet other jewelry designers, just like you, who’ve traveled across the country to learn the same jewelry techniques. You’ll meet new friends in class who share your jewelry-making passion!

Jewelry-making in Tucson is fun because of the connections you make, the jewelry instructors you meet and learn from, and the amazing techniques you learn at each jewelry class. Tucson, Arizona has the best gem show classes you’ll find all year. The best investment in your jewelry making craft is to treat yourself to jewelry classes at the Tucson JOGS Show, because you’ll have access to the best minds in the jewelry-making industry during the greatest gem shows on the planet.

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