8.2 million in Paris, going for 20 million in New York

Christie’s, a jewel auction held in Paris, brought in the 2nd highest number in sales ever had in Paris  by the company at $8.2 million. A 10.93 ct. flawless baguette VVS2 ring took the title of the highest sale at the show for $1 million. Christie’s had other beautiful pieces from the “French Princely Family” for sale such as $918,519 platinum and gold necklace with diamonds, and natural pearls along with a $763,046 Chaumet platinum ring with diamonds and sapphires.

Despite the great turnout Christie’s had in Paris, they are expecting to go above and beyond at there New York show by bringing in more than $20 million with there extensive collection of over 220 special items on June 10th. This one-day extravaganza will boast both colored and colorless diamonds along with natural pearls. Along with other jewels from Cartier, Tiffany&co, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bvlgari and others.

Likely top-sellers at this New York show are believed to be a Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace containing diamonds and sapphires, A Taffin rectangular-cut diamond ring, and a Leviev diamond necklace containing over 100 ct. of diamonds.


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From old school to digital; 109 years of excellence

Even in the digital age, the 109-year old Rolex is still thriving. Rolex is always about quality over quantity, and only speaking when it is right for them. Creating a “Buzz” is not there goal. Very recently, Rolex launched its first official Facebook page, a huge step from slightly altering there products and marketing strategy. This was no oversight, Rolex has long made a name for itself after 109 years and would not lose clients. The brand wanted to gather as much knowledge as possible before embarking on there social media journey. The brand refused to worsen the quality of its products and hold its message through this age of tech marketing.

Since the start of there production, Rolex has used the milestones which there products have been involved in to market there quality timepieces aside from impeccable craftsmanship. In 1927, Rolex introduced the “testimony concept.” Rolex advertised on the Front page of the British magazine, Daily Mail. The ad showcased the Rolex Oyster, The worlds first waterproof watch. This watch was worn by Mercedes Gleitze, the first woman to swim across the English Channel. Gleitze claimed that the watches precise time keeping was not affected at all while being submerged during terrible weather. Fast-forwarding to 1935, race car driver Malcolm Campbell broke the worlds speed record at Utah’s salt flats. He timed his record while using the Rolex Oyster. The English race car driver later noted in a speech that the Rolex he has been wearing for a while keeps time perfectly under any conditions.

Throughout the years, Rolex has been featured in many climbs, ocean dives, and on oversea flights. Rolex also sponsors huge athletes such as Roger Federer and Tiger Woods and is on the wrist of many during Hollywood films and other cinema.

When Rolex made it’s leap into social media. It started with its 2012 YouTube channel showing videos describing the brands roots and what they are all about including different expeditions and journeys instead of advertisements.  Rolex also relies on “social listening,” or paying attention to what followers do and say about the brand to decide what posts are expected of it. Rolex noticed that followers wanted to learn more about the watches roman numerals last July, therefore they launched a series about the roman numerals and why they use IIII instead of IV. Even though Rolex has only had its Facebook page for a year, they are already having serious traffic and gaining a massive follower pool.

What is most important to Rolex is that they create products and make maneuvers that will satisfy clients not only tomorrow, but mainly 10 years down the line.





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4D printing – Jewelry design of the future

Many different plastics and fibers are combined to create shape-shifting “smart materials” that morph when in contact with certain stimuli such as heat or water. An object will be scanned, then compressed in order to fit inside a 3D printer. The buyer would simply download it, print it out, and finally unfold it.

This new technology will revolutionize the way jewelry is worn and created. It is the future.

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5 graphic design trends to watch out for in 2014

Looking out for up and coming trends allows you to use them for yourself and create cool, original pieces. Keep your eyes peeled for these 5 trends.

1. Super-Geometric: incredibly precise detail incorporating strait lines.

2. Handiwork- 19th century style pieces also with great detail, resembling old photos.

3. Technical- The style you would find in instruction manuals. Since infographics were introduced, the simplicity of this style has become very popular.

4. Pragmatic- The website and digital app style with tons of colors and user-friendly options.

5. Retro-graphics- 1970′s-80′s style designs. Some thing you would see on a jazz-album cover.

It’s going to be a great year for designers as trends are going in 2 directions, vintage and contemporary. Use both of these to your advantage.


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Ever wondered how to find the world’s greatest emeralds?

Recently, Emerald jewelry had a gigantic boom in popularity in both local and international markets. This brings up another topic for wholesalers and buyers on where to buy the best, highest-quality emerald jewelry. I have your answer right here.

Emeralds from Egyptian mines have long been considered to be the best due to the fact that Egypt contains the first known emerald mines. Although, the known start date is not certain as there is a huge time gape, 300-2000 BC. Making the situation even more complicated, many different terms were used for emerald. Any green stone with a light glow was referred to as an emerald.  The heaviest known emerald-mining was done between 330-1237 BC.

Brazil is currently the leading exporter of emeralds. Most of the emeralds mined in Brazil are exported to India to be turned into beads because there quality is no match to Colombian or even African emeralds. Africa(Zambia/Zimbabwe), Madagascar, The middle east(Afghanistan/Pakistan), Russia, Australia, Norway, and the USA. Experts agree that Colombian emeralds are the best quality but Zambian emeralds are the runner up.

Nowadays, It’s easy to find high-quality emeralds anywhere in the world with faster-than-ever delivery as long as they find the right supplier.  Original designs and product excellency will shine light upon the future of both buyers and distributors.


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Don’t even think about buying that Emerald without reading this first!

Most of us are familiar with that experience of walking into a jewelry store and falling in love with a beautiful gem at first sight. In all honesty, this should be the main factor kept in mind while buying any gem; as long as you love it that’s all that matters. Although, here are some important, quick pointers to keep handy to prevent overpaying for your favorite gem, especially if you are buying an emerald. Emeralds, much more than any other colored gemstones, will require these guidelines in order to buy the highest quality emerald for the best price.

Color is the main determining price factor for an emerald.  The vanadium and chromium impurities in the emerald give it its beautiful, fine-green color. The color is made of 3 factors: Tone, Hue, and Saturation. The color grading refers to how light or dark the color of the stone is. The most desirable colors of an emerald are a pure green color or a lucid bluish-green color that is evenly spread throughout the stone and with perfect depth right in between dark and pale. The perfect merger between blue and yellow would create the perfect green hue. The color scale ranges from 0 being colorless up to 9 being extremely dark, and everything in between.

Saturation is the purity and intensity of the hue. A higher grade on the saturation scale will be given to the stone with the more intense hue.

Clarity also plays a big factor in the purchasing of any stone, especially an emerald. The amount and size of imperfections in an emerald play a big role in the price but are permitted in emeralds more than in any other gym because finding an emerald with no imperfections in extremely rare.  Many Emeralds contain Jardins(French for garden) in them which are pieces of other minerals along with fractures and other flaws. To some, the imperfections make the stone authentic and tells the story of its journey from creation to the jewelry store.

The emerald cut is a special cut designed especially to protect the emerald from breaking due to its brittleness and usual imperfections and show off its luxury and beauty at the same time. The emerald cut is a step-cut in a square or rectangular shape with cut corners. Emeralds also come in other traditional cuts such as oval or princess. A professionally-cut emerald will hide the imperfections of the emerald. The “vitreous” status will be given to the best cut, lustrous stones.

The best way to clean an emerald is by using clear oil that won’t damage the color. This is accepted in the jewelry community and usually done at the mining site. Treatment info must be disclosed due to the treatment of the stone lowers its value compared to untreated stones.

Just some easy tips to consider while buying an emerald. But the main factor that should seal the deal is your overall love for the stone.



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A collection to honor these beautiful animals

The “B” collection by luxury brand Gumuchian is an 18 kt yellow gold collection including bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings and different honey-bee charms.  This collection was made in honor of the deteriorating honey bee population. The offset yellow gold complements the diamonds in the honeycomb-shaped links. A portion of the profits will be donated to Honeylove.org, an organization that supports bee keeping. Sources show that 1/3 bites of food have in some way come in contact with bee pollen.

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New, popular jewelry trends to leave you looking and feeling like a diva

Pearls- These smooth, silky white spheres compliment today’s style in a classy and elegant way. Chanel and Nicole Miller recently used pearls in there new ads. Come see Tahitian and Akoya pearls paired beautifully with aquamarines and other beautiful gems this fall at Winterson.

Blue- Sapphires, Topaz, Spinel, Aquamarine. All beautiful stones boasting different shades of blue to keep you ready and beautiful for summer. Designers such as Chanel, Armani, and Dior are also making there products to match this blue fashion from the bold, electric blue to the dark and classy navy blue.

Bold- Balmain, Chanel and Nina Ricci are all boasting there beautiful pieces for the summer. Compared to last summer, the chunky big pieces are in style now.


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4 crucial tips to help you before you start creating jewelry

Thinking about creating jewelry? Try these for a change.

1. Do not throw away the cards your silk or nylon comes with, and save the leftovers.
2. Recycle your metal scraps, you will do good for the environment and make some extra cash.
3.Get tax exemptions by re-selling materials
4. Always look for the best deals anywhere you can whether it be online or in store. (Promotions, Sales, etc.)

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New technology may take the jewelry industry to a new level

Due to 3D printing being a completely new technology, people are uncertain about the modifications that it will have on there shopping experience. Shoppers are waiting for the day that they can print a slice of pizza or a new air filter for there car. Even though we are far from these extravagant expectations, most of the hype is going towards the jewelry industry. Shoppers will be able to design there own jewelry or choose from pre-made designs and jewelers will be able to offer more pocket friendly variations of there expensive merchandise.

Buyers will have the freedom to draw up there own jewelry design for a custom piece. This will allow an individuals creativity to be taken to great heights, although this will cost consumers a pretty penny. This is growing among jewelers including one from New York using a Solidscape T76 3D printer to make clients dreams come true. Gift giving will be revolutionized because of this discovery.

This brings us to our next question, the printing of precious gems. Shoppers demand natural, high quality stones and would not settle for a printed copy. Maybe in the future that can change, but as of now, the main attraction would be creating the actual piece and add the precious metals and gems after.

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