Chocolate Opal

Other Names: Ethiopian Opal
Origin of Name: Chocolate color of gemstone
Meaning of the Stone:
Classification: Precious
Family: Mineraloid
Region: Ethiopia
Color: Brown, with colorful specs showing all around
Transparency: translucent to opaque
Fracture: Conchoidal-uneven
Hardness (Gravity): 5.5-6.5(1.98-2.25)
Crystal System: Amorphous
Similar Minerals: Opal,Agate,Onyx,Chrysopase

1. Legend and History:

Chocolate Opal, or also known as Ethiopian Opal due to the fact that it is only excavated in Ethiopia, was discovered in 1995, around 150 miles away from the capital, Addis Adaba.
This precious chocolate opal is said to hold mysterious, powerful and emotive attributes as it induces visions and stimulates original and dynamic creativity. In addition, it allows for peace and serenity of the mind and a clear view to its wearers inner world, allowing greater insight and intuition.

2. Origin in nature and use:

This precious stone of gem quality enhances a diverse play of colors when looked at from different angles;It has a high level of brightness and exhibits multiple patterns with glossy shines of color.
Chocolate opal is in fact volcanic in its origin and is found in a nodular form in volcanic ash.
It should be pointed out that estimated figures drawn up in 1995 have shown that approximately 15% of the overall opal recovered was of gem quality, and from that 1% showed the aforementioned “play of colors”. The truly rare chocolate opals which are found, and exhibit a marvelous play of color are sold at very high prices and may be used to create wonderful jewelry pieces, or simply be used as a precious gemstone on display in a presentation box.

4. Interesting Facts:

Opal’s internal structure allows for it to have the ability to diffract light, therefore, depending on conditions, it can present an array of colors.

5. Care and Storing:

Chocolate opal should be kept in a soft pouch or presentation box, as knocks and sudden changes of temperature must be avoided; It is best kept separate from other gems as it may be scratched easily and loose some of its quality colorations. In reference to cleaning, warm water and a soft cloth is recommended, rather than any chemicals or steam.

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