Chrome Diopside

Other Names: Siberian Emerald
Origin of Name: Diopside derives from Greek, meaning two faces, Chrome refers to the ingredient
Meaning of the Stone: Zodiac sign of the pisces
Classification: semi-precious
Family: Silicate Mineral
Region: Russia,Cuba,Kenya,Madagascar,new Zealand, Australia,Japan,Finland,Romania
Color: emerald green
Transparency: transparent,translucent
Fracture: Conchoidal, irregular
Hardness (Gravity): 5.5-6.5( 3.17-3.32)
Crystal System: Monoclinic
Similar Minerals: Emeralds

1. Legend and History:

Chrome Diopside received it’s name from the greek words “dio” and “opsi” meaning two faces due to the fact that it has two ways of orienting the vertical prism; Chrome diopside is simply a better quality of diopside which in fact included chrome, thus adopting such a descriptive name.
It has only recently been used as a semi-precious gemstone and is thus rather popular in the trade, as the only stone in such a color in the past was the emerald, which was not available to a large number of buyers.
Chrome diopside is believed to enhance creativity and it’s wearers intellect;in addition it is said to protect from evil and certain chronic diseases, but also heal the heart,lungs, and circulation, along with psychological disorders and weakness.

2. Origin in nature and use:

Chrome diopside is a constituent of peridotite xenoliths, grains of which are found near kimberlite, thus often indicating near-by deposits of diamonds.
Some of the most rarest and most beautiful excavations of chrome diopside have occured in Siberia, where crystals of up to ten centimeters high are considered the rarest; The chrome diopside excavated in that particular area of Siberia, Inagli, is often referred to as “Siberian Emerald”, due to it’s beautiful lustrous look, and dark green color, resembling emeralds of the finest quality. These gemstones are usually cut in a cabochon style or an edged cut, depending on the use and the specific quality. Chrome diopside is mainly used for the creation of wonderful looking jewelry.

4. Interesting Facts:

Diopside is generally considered to be an important mineral in the Earth’s mantle.

5. Care and Storing:

Due to the specific fracture of chrome diopside, it must be protected from knocks and sudden alterations in temperature. It is best cleaned with no chemicals, but rather warm water and 0Ph soap.

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