Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye

Other Names: Chrysolite
Origin of Name: Greek “chryso” meaning gold, and beryl
Meaning of the Stone: Gemini starsign
Classification: precious
Family: Oxide Mineral
Region: Sri Lanka,India,China,Madagascar,Zimbabwe, Brazil,USA,
Color: colorless, yellow,gold,brown,golden-brown
Transparency: Translucent,Transparent
Fracture: Conchoidal to uneven
Hardness (Gravity): 8.5( 3.68-3.80)
Crystal System: orthorhombic
Similar Minerals: alexandrite,cymophane

1. Legend and History:

Chrysoberyl received its name from its color, as chryso means gold in Greek, therefore, as gold variety of Beryl.
It is believed to hold great soothing powers, and the yellow variety of this gemstone is used to heal spasms of the stomach; It was considered in the past to be a gemstone which protects it’s wearer from any disastrous situation, but also promote concentration and the ability to learn and enable clear thinking.
Chrysoberyl cats eye in particular is said to have all the aforementioned attributes, yet even further enhanced as it is one of the most beautiful gemstones naturally produced.

2. Origin in nature and use:

Chrysoberyl is the third hardest natural gemstone at 8.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness; it occurs as a result of pegmatitic processes.
Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye, or chatoyant Chrysoberyl, is a variety of Chrysoberyl which once cut with this specific method, shows a beautiful streak of light running through the middle, thus resembling the eye of the cat. It shows a magnificent play of light and is most appreciated due to the fact that this is a natural occurrence. As with Chrysoberyl, cat’s eye varieties may be cut in various shapes, although in order for the beautiful natural streak to be more evident, a rounded cut is more fit, and may be used to create rings and necklaces which display the effect to the fullest.
5. Interesting facts:

In the past, Chrysoberyl was considered to be mere beryl, and was used for simple jewelry.

6. Care and Storing:

As Chrysoberyl is one of the hardest natural gemstones, storage and cleaning of this stone is relatively easy, but it must however be stored away from softer gemstones in order not to damage them.

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