Online Registration for 2017 JOGS Tucson Show

January 26 - February 6, 2017


Please read JOGS Show buyer qualification requirements below and bring a copy of your company documents to the JOGS Show site.

1) Business card (related to the trade)
2) Business/resale License or tax ID certificate
3) Photo Identification (required to claim badge on site)

Note: If your business/resale license or tax ID certificate does not reflect that your company is engaged in the gem and jewelry (or its related products) industry, if your state does not issue business/resale licenses, then you must provide copies of invoices for the purchase of gemstones, jewelry, precious metals or lapidary equipment made within the last year. Each invoice must reflect the purchase of multiple items.

Buyers may pre-register online and print badges instantly or receive JOGS Show badges at the registration desk at the Show site.

*JOGS Show management reserves the right to refuse admission and forfeit the admission badge.

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