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Jewelry Making Hand Tools that You Will Require While Working With Beads

At Jogs International Exhibits, we offer all visitors a scope to attend our jewelry-making classes. We want to teach enthusiasts the art of making jewelry in a simple manner. To start creating beautiful jewelry, you will require a set of hand tools. If you use the right tool for bead jewelry making, the result would be tighter, crimper and neater loops with perfect coils. Described below are some frequently-used tools for beaded jewelry making:

  • Bent Chain Nose Pliers: This tool is used to grip components lying in tight places. It can be used to bend wire, close the jump-rings and also to stabilize the design when you are working on bead jewelry. The tool has a bent tip which allows you access to difficult areas and your vision is not blocked.
  • Chain Nose Pliers: Again a tool that can reach constricted places without any difficulty. You can use it to reach difficult angles, close the jump-rings, grip some components as well as provide more stability to the overall design. These pliers are available in two varieties – long nose and short nose. While the short nose varieties offer more strength, the long nose ones provide better reach to the user.
  • Crimping Pliers: These are utility tools for stringing beads; the tool secures crimp tubes lying in the beading wire. The jaws of this plier have two notches which are “O” and “U” shaped when closed. While crimping, use the “U” shaped notch to lock the beads in their places and then use the “O” notch to secure the beads further.
  • End Cutting Nippers: With this tool, you can cut the ends or ear studs or trim other jewelry. Good quality nippers have polished heads and lap joints to avoid any marks on the surface of the jewelry.
  • Flat Nose Pliers: This tool is primarily used to bend the wires and hold beads in their places without scratching the surface. The jaws inside this tool secure the jump-rings and flatten the wire. Flat nose pliers are available in long nose and short nose forms.
  • Flush Cutters: This is an essential tool for wireworking. Using this tool, you can trim headpins, wires and eyepins. The flush cutters can be used to cut smoothly in the tightest places.

If you want to learn the accurate usage of these tools in jewelry making you need to pay a visit to the international gems and jewelry shows organized by Jogs International Exhibits.

About JOGS’ Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show

The JOGS Tucson Gem and Mineral Show takes place September 5 – 8, 2013 and January 30 – February 10, 2014 at the Tucson Expo Center.

JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show

The JOGS Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is one of the U.S. best selling events year after year – and one of the top markets in the country. This exciting event is also a bead show and gift show that draws buyers from all over the world – tens of thousands of qualified buyers worth millions with serious purchasing intent. Many of these buyers are hard to find and hard to reach but they will come here to one of the most dynamic markets in the world. They want new products, great prices, exciting artists, unique resources and innovative ideas they need to set their businesses apart. It’s all here, at the JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show. Make sure your company is here too!

Show Dates Show Time

  • JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show: January 30- February 10, 2014 10:00am-6:00pm
  • JOGS Tucson Jewelry & Gift Show: September 5-8, 2013 10:00am-6:00pm

Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show Facts and Figures


In the month of February Tucson dealers from all over the world come to show and sell their products. With over 4,000 vendors participating in our event, makes our gem, mineral and bead show very competitive among others.


JOGS helps you reach a broad diversity of buyers including Department stores, Jewelry and GemvTV channels, Galleries and museum shops, Cruise lines,  Gift Shops,  Boutique shops , Beads Stores,  Specialty Retail Stores, Chain Stores and many more. This gift show is the most cost effective way to make sales.


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Clean, Comfy Rooms from $49.99 at Select Locations

International Jewelry Gem Show

Jewelry is something you cannot fully appreciate without taking a closer look. Catalogs, flyers, TV commercials etc. are fine but when it comes to fully appreciating the beauty of jewelry and gems, you have to see them physically and be able to touch them. JOGS International Exhibits organizes the international jewelry show, which is the best place to browse and shop for bejeweled accessories. JOGS’ international gem show displays amazing collections of jewelry and gems. There is silver, pearl, sterling silver, gold, white gold, diamond, wholesale jewelry beads, and mineral jewelries to choose from. From stately jewelry to party jewelry, from tribal ornaments to daily wear trinkets – everything is available in our jewelry trade shows and there is something for every budget.

This Year’s Trends

Before going to the JOGS international jewelry show, you should know that this year, the world of jewelries is being ruled by estate and antique jewelry. Simply put, the old fashion is new again. Heavy, ornate designs are “in”. So, why go for something contemporary when you can stand out wearing an antique ornament?

There Is More to Gems than Beauty

Gemstones look fantastic but they have more to them than just beauty. They are often divided into two categories namely precious and semi-precious. Every gemstone has properties like the power to influence the health and fortune of a person. Wearing gems can help treat a physical ailment. Expert gemstone cutters visit our international gem show with their own collection and sometimes with jewelry manufacturers. You can meet and interact with them, take a good look at their work and ask for suggestions as to which gem would suit you best. You can also witness the launch of a new gemstone.

Why You Must Attend

Under one roof, you will be able to browse collections from all over the world, interact with designers, buy raw materials such as wholesale jewelry beads and even learn jewelry making. These prospects are exciting for someone who loves ornaments. In no jewelry boutique will you find such a diverse collection that you will find in our jewelry trade shows. From designers to manufacturers to wholesalers – everyone related to creating, packaging and selling jewelry attends the JOGS International Jewelry Show.

To book your tickets, or to make an inquiry, contact us now.

Patricia Perez of Designer Jewelry Firm ‘Talia Jade’ Interview

One of the great reasons to visit JOGS during the Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show is the abundance of quality jewelry designers. Their styles and knowledge are invaluable to the wholesale buyers and retailers across the globe.

Talia Jade - Italian Leather and gemstones variety jewelry

Patricia Perez is certainly one of the most popular designers at the show, and with good reason. In this video, we have a great conversation with her about the styles and materials she brings to the table, along with some tips for the buyers who visit.

Featured in this video are some really beautiful pieces. They incorporate a wide variety of materials including sterling silver, stainless steel, Italian leather and a variety of gemstones-including topaz and opals- both cut and cabbed. Join us while she explains which necklaces and bracelets are helping set the trends in the industry, and how to best select them.

High-end Jewelry with KP Jewelers

One thing we always enjoy, is to see the culmination of generations of endeavor in any field, especially in jewelry. Here, in KP Jewelers, we have a firm that has been in business for generations–4 at least–producing some extraordinary jewelry. Fortunately, this firm has found a home at JOGS every February, and their presence draws some top-dollar clients.

KP Jewellers - Fine Jewelry Bracelets

Why do they flock to this firm? What is it that appeals so strongly? Designs based on a rich history of the combined cultural influences from Europe and India both. KP Jewelers uses the influence of 17th and 18th century treasures and the particular stylish flair that is indigenous to sub-continental India. Using skills and techniques that have all but died out in the rest of the world, this firm has its diamonds cut in the style of old, especially using ‘mine cut’ diamonds. These are set in 14k gold which is then dressed with sterling silver-which imparts a gorgeous and warm glow to the piece, letting the diamonds do the sparkling.

Take a few moments and join us in admiring the fine creations from this jewelry firm, and perhaps you too will feel compelled to come visit them…

KCT Implex and Gems at JOGS 2012

We have the pleasure here of speaking with Rajeesh from KCT Implex, a Bangkok firm specializing in semi-precious and precious stones. Due to a limited amount of time, we only had the opportunity to discuss a few of his stones, but even such a short chat brings out some interesting information.

KCT Implex - Semi-precious and precious stones

Our conversation focused mostly on the citrine, ruby, and cubic zirconia arrayed on tidy white trays at their booth. Feel free to listen as we discuss the markets for various stones and the qualities they desire. For example, citrines-the beautiful yellow/gold stone, great for using in silver jewelry, are more popular in their light yellow form amongst the Asian market, with Europeans and Americans preferring darker yellows in their rings and pendants.

There is more to hear and to learn, and the dealer is a knowledgeable and friendly person to talk with, so please join us in enjoying this video.

Joryel Vera Premium Sterling Jewelry Collections

In the world of jewelry retailing, there is a huge variety of choice, and a myriad of price points to consider. At the annual JOGS Show every February in Tucson, the world’s buyers find ample selection. For those buyers looking to purchase ‘fashion’ jewelry, but hoping to avoid the label and quality of ‘costume’ jewelry, there are few design houses equal to Joryel Vera.

Taking pride in keeping their designs affordable to a wide swathe of the market, while maintaining impressively high standards, this firm is one to watch. Wholesale jewelry for the mass market, designs suited to ‘fine’ jewelry, using premium affordable materials.

In this video, we learn about those steps which are taken–higher grade semi-precious stones, thicker rhodium plating, sterling instead of white gold–and the thinking behind their 11 separate lines of jewelry.

Buying Quality Native American Jewelry with Indian Touch of Gallup

Here we get to speak with one of the better known large dealers of Native American jewelry–Indian Touh of Gallup, represented by Mike Aish. After many years of bringing their wares to the Tucson Gem Show, and four of those years exclusively with JOGS, these folks have shown they really have what it takes to make it in this competitive market, and we were fortunate to have them walk us through a little of what they’re experience has tought them.

Indian Touch of Gallup - Native American Inspired Sterling Silver Jewelry

Mike, representing the third generation of this family-run business, tells us about what he notices in the general trend of the jewelry market. Currently, he’s seeing a resurgence of the ‘vintage’ style, echoing the era of the 60s and 70s. Though the combination of sterling silver and turquoise seems timeless, there were general trends over the years, and Indian Touch of Gallup’s designers and Native American artisans are busy bringing times gone by into the here and now.

We also discuss the pitfalls of the market as well as the hidden treasures. How do we avoid buying fakes? Why invest more in authenticity if the materials are the same? Take a moment with us and learn these things and more!

Top Quality Opals from Grand Opal LLC of Australia

Every year at the Tucson Gem Show, treasures from the ‘land down under’ are brought to JOGS, and among the finest of these are those brought by Grand Opal Pty Llc of Sydney, Australia. Ronald and Edwin Chen, the two family members we were fortunate to speak with, take a few minutes to discuss the famed gems which they bring to town every year. Having owned the firm since 1997, they have built on its previous reputation and now bring more than 30 years of tradition to the market.

What is it about these stones that draws so much attention? The variety of colors and styles embodied in the fire hidden in each is a simple answer to that. Fortunately, we have these gentlemen to give us some guidance regarding the qualities and characteristics to be aware of when shopping for opals.

Of course, the play of colors and intensity of same, is of premium importance. What is it about the black opal and other Australian opals that sets them apart from the rest of the world’s produce? Join us as we learn the answers to these questions and how to choose quality and how to buy for our markets.

World’s Largest Aquamarine -120,000 Carats!

We had the great pleasure of viewing what is considered the worlds largest aquamarine, a gem weighing an astounding 120,000 carats. Brought to JOGS 2012 during the Tucson Gem Show, this gem was shown to us by its discoverers and owners at BMG NY, a firm based in Pakistan. Discovered in 2010 by one of the brothers from this family owned firm, this gem has an astounding shape and color, never found in this sized crystal before.

During our time with this wonderful dealer, well known for their huge gem quality cut amethysts and citrines, we also get a brief education on selecting beautiful gems for ourselves. So please join us for the visit to this record-worthy aquamarine and the friendly people who are rightly proud to possess it.