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Gem & Jewelry Articles from JOGS

Best Places to Buy Gemstones May 11th, 2012

There are many places to buy gemstones around the world. No matter where you go, you need to ensure that you have someone who can verify if you are not an expert. When you are looking for the best place to buy gemstones you have three options. A local jeweler The internet A diamond district… Read More

How to be Successful in Gemstone Business May 11th, 2012

How can I be Successful in Gemstone Business? Gemstones are one of the oldest businesses in the world. Gemstones do not usually depreciate in value, which is why the business remains so successful. Most of the time, the value of a gemstone is based upon supply. Since diamonds are low in supply they are expensive…. Read More

What’s Inside Jewelry Trunk Shows? April 21st, 2012

What’s Inside Jewelry Trunk Shows? Jewelry trunk shows are most commonly held by designers or manufacturers who want to test a new jewelry design on the market. This means, if you know where to go, you can get new or unique pieces of jewelry before anyone else. The designer will go to a boutique, a… Read More

Upcoming events in Tucson, Arizona! April 20th, 2012

We have 3 upcoming events in Tucson! Our new show, “SuperStart Show” will be opening the beginning of next year. All dates are listed below! There’s plenty of time to register but why not register today and save time later? Click To Register JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show Dates: September Show: September 6-9, 2012… Read More

Danburite April 20th, 2012

Other Names: Origin of Name: Location, Danbury, USA Meaning of the Stone: Leo starsign Classification: semi-precious Family: Tectosilicates Region: USA, Mexico, Bolivia, Japan,Russia,Madagascar Color: colorless, yellow(light-faded) grey,brown,pink Transparency: transparent, translucent Fracture: Conchoidal, uneven Hardness (Gravity): 7-7.5 (2.97-3.03) Crystal System: orthohombric Similar Minerals: Topaz, Apatite, Citrine 1. Legend and History: Danburite is a relatively newly discovered… Read More

Coral April 20th, 2012

Other Names: Precious coral, red coral Origin of Name: Greek Word «κοραλι» meaning coral Meaning of the Stone: Classification: semi-precious Family: Corallium rubrum Region: Australia, Algeria, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, Mauritius, Cuba Color: Red, pink, rarely white, light blue, black Transparency: opaque Fracture: Hardness (Gravity): 3.5-4 (2.6-2.7) Crystal System: Similar Minerals: 1. Legend and… Read More

Color-Change Sapphire April 20th, 2012

Other Names: Origin of Name: Greek «σαπφειρος» Meaning of the Stone: September birthstone Classification: precious Family: Oxide Mineral Region: Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Canada, Brazil, (Tanzania is the main deposit for color-change sapphire) Color: Varieties of blue, purple, blue-purple, pink-orange Transparency: transparent to translucent, opaque Fracture: conchoidal, uneven Hardness (Gravity): 9 (3.99-4.10)… Read More

Color-Change Garnet April 20th, 2012

Other Names: Granat Origin of Name: French (pomme) grenat, Meaning of the Stone: January Birthstone Classification: semi-precious Family: Nesosilicate Region: USA, South Africa, Russia, Color: Technically all colors (blue however is visible in specific lighting) Transparency: transparent,translucent Fracture: conchoidal, uneven Hardness (Gravity): 6.5-7.5(3.1-4.3) Crystal System: Cubic, rhombic Similar Minerals: Ruby, emerald, chrome diopside 1. Legend… Read More

Color-Change Diaspore April 20th, 2012

Other Names: empholite, kayserite Origin of Name: Greek diaspora, meaning scattered Meaning of the Stone: Classification: semi-precious Family: Oxide mineral Region: Russia, Turkey, Hungary, USA, South Africa, England Color: White, yellow, green, gray,brown, colorless ( the colors change along with the lighting) Transparency: transparent, translucent Fracture: Conchoidal Hardness (Gravity): 6-7 (3.2-3.5) Crystal System: Orthohombric Similar… Read More

Clinohumite April 19th, 2012

Other Names: Titanclinohumite Origin of Name: mineral humite Meaning of the Stone: Classification: precious Family: mineral, humite group Region: Italy, Russia,Afghanistan ( further regions exist, but do not provide gemstone quality) Color: red, brown-orange, yellow Transparency: transparent, translucent Fracture: Conchoidal Hardness (Gravity): 6 (3.2-3.4) Crystal System: Monoclinic Similar Minerals: norbergite, chondrodite 1. Legend and History:… Read More