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Didaj Jewelry at the JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show Winter 2013

Didaj Jewelry Booth#: W223


My name is Alyona and I am a jewelry designer and founder of DIDAJ Jewelry and Fashion.

I’ve been creating my unique designs for many years. It is my passion and gives me a great deal of satisfaction, especially when I see what joy it brings to my clientele, all over the world.

Although my customers vary in age and interests, they all share a common love for jewelry and a desire for beautiful things.My background, from a very young age, was in artistic expression through dance. I received a Masters Degree in Artistic Direction and Choreography, from the Kiev State Art University and was a professional performer while living in the Ukraine.

I traveled the world for five years, until I immigrated with my family to the United States, in 1993.

During my first few years there, I used my experience and education to its fullest, teaching in many of the top academies and dance schools, in the Chicago area. I also helped produce and choreograph shows for a number of ice skaters and ice dancers, some of whom went on to become the top skaters in the US.

I look to many of my life experiences for inspiration. From my fascination with art history, to my observations of nature, I draw upon a wide variety of shapes, textures, and materials, to create something unique and exciting. All the products I offer are my unique and original creations. I carefully oversee every facet of production, to give you unmatched, world class quality. I stand behind each and every product and offer my personal quality guarantee.

My new Collection brings together colorful Italian leather, Silver and Peacock Baroque Pearls, various colors of Coral, Turquoise, Amethyst, Peridot, Citrine, Aquamarine, and Tourmaline. I very proud of this new collection and hope you find it as exciting as I do.

More Products from Didaj Jewelry:

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Le Stage Minerals Booth#: Ballroom E22

Le Stage Minerals Booth#: Ballroom E22

Le Stage Minerals at the JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show!

LE STAGE MINERALS is the largest Amethyst and Agate manufacturer and exporter company in Artigas, Uruguay. Our tradition is more than 38 years working on this business.

We have been working hard in the last years to prepare our staff to take from the rough stones the best beauty, thus position ourselves as leaders in this market.

We have managed to conquer major markets such as Asia, Europe, United States having the best reputation.
Now we are pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading company in Uruguay, dealing the best quality in the semiprecious stones found in our country.

Today, our company has 150 employees properly trained operating in an area of 229 hectares.
We are looking forward to build a solid and lasting relationship based on very good businesses with you.
If you come to visit us you can enjoy the best you can find of Uruguay semi precious stones.

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About the Tucson Gem Show

When and where?

Every winter during 2 weeks (late January to mid February) Tucson, AZ becomes a huge international gem and jewelry marketplace. Dealers and buyers from all over the world come to Tucson to sell and buy jewelry, minerals, fossils, gems and beads at the lowest wholesale prices.

How it started:

The first Tucson gem show started back in 1955 in a local elementary school with a group of mineral collectors and rock hounds. It was free show open to the public organized by a Tucson Gem and Mineral Society.
This first show was very successful and organizers decided to make it an annual event. Show moved to the Quonset hut at the Pima County Fair and Rodeo Grounds where it stayed there until 1972. Later show moved to the Tucson Convention Center Arena. As of now this first show is still hosted by Tucson Gem and Mineral Society volunteers.
Over the years it grew in the largest gem and jewelry event in the world – The Marketplace with over forty shows all around the city of Tucson which attracts over 55,000 exhibitors and buyers from USA, Europe, China, India, Thailand, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia and many other countries.

Diversity of the Tucson Gem Shows Now

Tucson Gem show takes place not in the single place but in over 40 locations all over the city – in the hotels, huge tents, convention and expo centers and even parking lots. All shows are all organized by the different promoters. Most of the shows are strictly for the trade only , open to the business owners and buyers who represent retail stores and require special credentials to get in, but some of them are retail shows , open-to-the-public.

Some shows are featuring exhibitors who sell minerals, fossils and specimens, some have more dealers who bring beads and findings, some have finished jewelry pavilions and some would be known for the cut and colored stones.

The main, most popular shows in Tucson are Tucson gem and Mineral Show (Tucson Convention Center), JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show (Tucson Expo Center), AGTA GemFaire (Tucson Convention Center), GL&W Show (Holiday Inn), Gem Mall (Tent), GJX Show (Downtown Tucson).

Registration for the Tucson Gem Shows

Since most of the gem shows in Tucson are organized by different promoters they require separate registration for each show and ask for the different credentials. Buyers would need to have a business license, resale certificate, business card and photo ID to get the passes to the shows. Some shows would have online pre-registration and will mail the badges prior to the show. Some shows such as JOGS Show will have an option to print badges instantly from the show website.
Majority of the Tucson Gem shows are free for the wholesale and buyers representing retail stores. Some shows would charge a fee for the public to grant an access to the shows (GJX Show).

Gem Show Tucson’s Products

Some exhibitors and buyers mistakenly think that Tucson Gem Shows are mineral show only. It is truth that there is the largest selection in the world of the most rear unique minerals, fossils and museum quality specimens presented together at the same time during the Gem show period. But in fact Tucson Gem shows specialize in much more categories of the gem and jewelry industry – finished gold and silver jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones, fashion jewelry, designer jewelry, findings, beads, Swarovski crystals, pearls, colored stones, cut and rough stones, fossils and meteorites, carvings, unique stone sculptures, interior and home décor and many others.

Some of the shows are specializing in the wide variety of merchandise. JOGS Tucson Gem and jewelry Show is knows as one of the largest show in Tucson which hosts dealers with finished jewelry, international silver and designer jewelry pavilions with group of manufacturers from Indonesia, Southwestern jewelry pavilion with the famous dealers of the turquoise and native jewelry, Amber jewelry pavilion with manufacturers from Poland, Russia and Lithuania. JOGS show has cut stone pavilion and huge mineral pavilion with exhibitors from Brazil, Thailand, Uruguay, Russia, USA, Africa and other countries.

Some shows in Tucson such as AGTA GemFaire and GJX Shows are featuring exhibitors selling the highest quality colored stones and lapidary. AGTA Gemfaire is also known for their educational classes, lectures and seminars for buyers.

Arizona Gem and Mineral Show (Martin Zinn Expositions) specializes in the variety of gems and minerals, fossils, specimens and gem and jewelry displays.

Gem Mall (huge tent next to the Holiday Inn hotel and GL&W Show) is known for its strong group of exhibitors selling of semiprecious beads and findings.
Holidome Show (organized by GL&W) is one of the oldest shows in Tucson. The show is known for the group of an exhibitors who are selling beads, finished jewelry, gems and findings.

Transportation during Tucson Gem Show

The transportation between trade shows in Tucson is provided by the free shuttles running during 2 weeks period of the Gem Shows.

The main shuttle routes are:
Cooper Route (Kino Sports Complex, Holidome and Tucson Expo Center)
Ruby Express Route (Tucson Expo Center, Howard Johnson and Tucson Electric Park)
Purple Route: Windmill Inn, Holidome/GemMall, Doubletree Raid Park)
Red Route (Hotel Tucson City Center), Ramada Limited, Quality Inn, Mineral and Fossil Marketplace)

JOGS Tucson Show (Tucson Expo Center) offers free limousine rides for Gem Show buyers to and from AGTA GemFaire (Tucson Convention Center) daily.
All Tucson Gem Shows are located in 10-20 min driving from the Tucson International Airport. Some local hotels provide a free shuttles to pick their guests from the Tucson International airport and a free transportation to and from the nearby gem shows.

Parking during Tucson Gem Show

Limited parking is available at some Tucson Shows. The cost for the parking is somewhere from $5 to $10. Tucson will continue to have parking hubs at Tucson Expo Center (East Irvington Road), Congress Street hub and 22nd Street parking.
JOGS Show (Tucson Expo Center) is offering over 1000 free parking spaces for all Tucson gem show buyers. Tucson buyers can park at Tucson Expo Center parking lot free o f charge and take complimentary shuttles and limousines to different gem shows.

Gem Show Tucson is a unique place where whole gem and jewelry world meets every year to find the largest variety and best quality merchandise at the lowest wholesale prices and the newest trends but to make the most important business connections to bring gem and jewelry industry to the next level.

Tucson Gem Show Survival Guide

Tucson Gem Show Survival Guide – 30 tips

Tucson Gem Show Survival Guide

  1. If you are a buying wholesale, bring a few copies of your state resale license (sellers permit)
  2. Bring extra business cards since dealers will ask for them to make your order ready or hold it for you.
  3. It is good idea to bring some stickers with your company name, address and a phone number
    printed on them so sellers can put them on your invoice (you can even have your resale
    certificate number printed on the stickers ). It will save a lot of your and seller’s time and
    dealers will really appreciate it.
  4. Bring a small scale and calculator with you. You can use it for checking the weight and proximate price of some stones or jewelry if it is sold by weight – you will not have to wait for the salesperson and ask them to check each piece for you.
  5. Walk around the whole show before start buying. Check prices, make notes in your guide or
    on the floor plan and then go back and shop. You will find that some vendors are selling similar
    merchandise – find the best quality merchandise for the best price you can afford.
  6. Decide on your budget. Put aside some extra funds for the items you were not planning to buy.
    You might find new ideas and trends and would want to purchase a samples of the new lines.
  7. Call your credit card company before you are going to the show and let them know that you are
    planning to make some buying so they will not “freeze“ your account later for your security.
    This will help you to avoid calling your bank from the show and spending time authorizing
    transactions with your bank.
  8. After making you purchase check if you have your receipt, resale license, credit card and
  9. Always put your wallet and credit card at the same place (designate a pocket in your bag or
    purse for them). It is really frustrating when you are standing in front of the dealer and trying
    to find them!
  10. Bring a dark sharpie pen. You will need it to mark prices on the plastic bags.
  11. Bring a check book and cash. Some international dealers are not accepting credit cards. Ask
    them if they can accept your credit card using their company PayPal account.
  12. Put dealer’s business card in the bag with merchandise you have purchased from them. It will
    help you later to remember whom you bought your merchandise from, make some notes right
    on their business cards about their product and prices for future reference.
  13. Wear comfortable shoes. Very important! Some shows are outsides tents with a ground floors
    and some would have a concrete or cement floors. Sometimes it rains in Tucson in February –
    Bringing rain boots, umbrella or raincoat would be a good idea.
  14. Wear layers. It is cold sometimes in the mornings and evenings, but it is much warmer during
    the day (typical weather for the desert).
  15. Bring shoulder bag or cross strap purse which you wear in front of your waist area to keep booth
    of your hands free for choosing a merchandise (cross strap purse on your waist is also safer
    place to keep your cash, wallet and credit cards).
  16. Rent your car prior arriving to Tucson to get lower prices for rentals.
  17. Bring a sample of your cut stones if you are trying t match them (colors or shapes).
  18. Bring a hand sanitizer since some beads are dirty.
  19. Write down and have a list of the dealers with their booth numbers where you have to return
    to pick up your merchandise at a later time.
  20. Some shows have paid and very limited parking for buyers. You can always park for free at JOGS
    Show parking (Tucson Expo Center, there is a large free parking lot for Tucson buyers) and take
    free limousines and shuttles to major Tucson Gem Shows.
  21. Bring some snacks with you (bags with nuts, some fruits) and small bottles of water. Some
    shows have a food courts offering nice hot food. G&LW Show has several food kiosks in front
    of the tents and JOGS Show has an international food court and free daily champagne brunch
    buffet for buyers daily.
  22. If dealers pack all purchases in the promotional bags make sure you check your bag while
    getting your merchandise from them (some buyers can pick your bag from the dealer by
  23. Check the amount of the bags in your order with lines on your invoice to make sure that the bad
    with merchandise did not fell out from your order.
  24. Bring small mirror if you have one since some dealers do not carry them and you would want to
    see how some merchandise looks on you.
  25. Try to register online and fill registration forms for the shows prior to arrival so save your time.
  26. Check the merchandise you are buying especially if it is closeout. Make sure that beads have the
    right size of the holes, that the holes are drilled strait. Ask the dealer about the quantity of the
    certain beads or findings – if they would have them available later if you need to reorder this
    particular design.
  27. Bring a magnified glass if you are buying a cut stones to check the clarity and the cut of the
    colored stones.
  28. If you are buying a heavy stones bring a bag with a wheels to carry your merchandise.
  29. Pick a free Tucson Gem Show directories and show guides to plan your next day shopping plans
    in the hotel.
  30. Write down and your UPS or FedEx account number if you are planning to ship some of your
    purchases right from the Tucson Gem Show (some major shows have a shipping companies in
    their buildings during the Gem Show period).

Products at the JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show

Products at Tucson Gem Show

There are products at the JOGS Tucson Gem show to suit just about any buyer. The product range covers all price points, from high end, one of a kind designs to everyday popular items available at wholesale prices. Often buyers rely on the expertise of the wholesale sellers to pick out next season’s hottest selling lines. Buyers can be seen purchasing large quantities at wholesale prices as well as occasional one of a kind purchases intended for personal and private collections.

At the JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show you will find a vairety of products ranging from amber jewelry, sterling silver, gold jewelry, necklaces, beads, minerals, gemstones, fossils to collectibles and designer jewelry!

Venue of the JOGS Tucson Gem Show

Each JOGS Tucson Gem Show is held in the state of the art Tucson Expo Center, one of Tucson’s largest professional convention centers. The whole show takes place under one roof and on the same floor, ensuring that buyers visit every booth and no vendor gets left out. Great promotion, top security and a red carpet atmosphere has been responsible for the success of the JOGS Tucson Gem show.

JOGS Tucson Gem Show Venue

Must see at JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show 2012

A truly one of a kind Southwestern jewelry pavilion can only be found at the JOGS Tucson Gem show. It is composed of great Mexican and Native American designs of turquoise and coral set in silver. Exhibiting are the top dealers, miners and manufacturers with the largest stock of jewelry from Albuquerque, Mexico and China.

[pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”] it is like an art show inside the JOGS Tucson Gem show[/pullquote]

The American Amber Association presents, at the JOGS Tucson Gem Show, the largest U.S. Amber jewelry pavilion. The pavilion is composed of amber designers and amber manufacturers from all the Baltic countries famous for their amber source. If you are an amber retailer or are just an amberholic, you will love this pavilion. The JOGS Tucson Gem show is your once in a year opportunity to buy these great designs at an excellent price.

Photos from JOGS Tucson Gem Show 2010

JOGS Tucson Gem Show 2010

The Art Gem Décor pavilion at the JOGS Tucson Gem Show contains some of the most beautiful décor items crafted out of stones, gems, copper, wood, metal and other materials. These are museum quality pieces created by some of the most talented artists in the world. This is truly one of the most unique art collections you will ever see, it is like an art show inside the JOGS Tucson Gem show. Besides the exquisite art pieces, you can also find some great everyday interior design pieces. Other JOGS Tucson Gem Show pavilions include the many international pavilions which represent the rich gem and jewelry heritage of Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico and Nepal.