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Wyoming Jade at JOGS Tucson Show: The Best in the World

Recently at the JOGS TUCSON WINTER SHOW 2013, Sean Jordan brought out beautiful Wyoming Jade, considered the best in the world. Wyoming Jade was heavily mined between 1940-60 in the Granite mountains in Wyoming. Since Jade does not naturally occur in Wyoming, it has been found in deposits around the Granite mountains classifying it as a nephrite Jade. Which is a stone so close to Jade that it is basically the same thing, the only way to tell is through tests such as x-ray or chemical. This beautiful stone ranges from opaque to translucent and comes in many shades of green as well as black and white. This stone can go for $2-$75 or more a pound depending on the stone. Many places sell imitations and real ones are sold at very high prices. Come to JOGS Tucson Gen and Jewelry Show for the best prices on Wyoming Jade.

Miadonna & Co. opening traditional store

Miadonna & Co., a manufacturer of lab-grown gems and diamonds, have decided to open there first brick & mortar store in Portland, Oregon in July. This is a step in a different direction from there traditional online sales.  CEO Anna-Mieke Anderson stated that lab-grown diamonds are more pure than traditional diamonds and that the companies goal is to rebuild countries affected by diamond mining.

Christie’s Auction sale of the 40.5 ct. diamond did not go as planned

The 40.5 ct. internally flawless D-color ¬†Golconda diamond necklace which headlined Christie’s Hong Kong Show did ¬†not sell for the estimated $10 million. There was an offer for $7.2 million but it was not sold as the owner wanted $8.5 million. ¬†Although, two records were still broken. A pair of Flawless diamond ear pendents weighing¬†25.49 cts. and 25.31 cts sold for $9.7 million breaking the highest price for a pair of ear pendants. Also a 6.13 ct green diamond ring sold for $3.64 million, an auction record for a green diamond.

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Frederique Constant: Your ticket to a fine luxury timepiece for a reasonable price

Peter Stas and Aletta Bax, the two owners of the company, had one mission: to create fine, high-quality luxury timepieces and sell them at a price appealing to everyone, not only the super-wealthy watch fanatics. This relatively new brand launched its’ first six-watch collection in 1992, three years after the company was founded(est. 1989). ¬†Watch making run’s in the Stas family as Peter’s great, great grandpa, Constant Stas, created clock dials in 1904.¬†Frederique Constant became a huge success, besides offering high-quality, Swiss timepieces for reasonable prices, they also opened up there own manufacturing studio in Geneva 10 years ago. They are creating some fantastic, exclusive time pieces to mark there 10 year journey. These watches have definitely made a mark among the competition creating watches with dual timers,¬†moonphases,¬†Manufacture-made movements,¬†calendars and other exclusive features. All watch creation and assembly takes place in the companies Geneva manufacturing plant including state-of-the-art computer software technology to help with design. The beautiful finish and engravings all done by hand put the red bow on the present as a true luxury watch for affordable prices. Next time you run into a¬†Frederique Constant watch, take a closer look. You may just leave with it on your wrist.

The Rarest of the Rare

Diamonds are among the rarest stones in the world, even lower quality diamonds are a luxury not many can afford. Nevertheless, this beautifully colored stone holds the belt as the rarest and most expensive diamond in the world, the red diamond. The gem must be “predominantly” red, meaning no other color hues on the gem besides the deep, red color. The GIA, an Institute constantly grading the worlds most precious stones, further proves the red diamonds rarity by stating that there has never been a diamond who’s color hue can be described as only red from 1957-1987. It is believed that this beautiful stone receives its red color from the gliding of its atoms resulting in change to its atomic structure.

The .95 ct “Hancock Red” is a famous red diamond that was the highest, per-carat stone sold at auction($926,315) in 1987. It went for $800,000 at the Christie’s New York auction. The sale of the Hancock Red tickled the fancy of many celebrities and others around the world. Diamond cutters now know how get the beautiful red color to its full potential.

A little bit out of your price range? Regular diamonds both real and synthetic can treated to produce the lovely red color.

China wants heavy say in price of gold

The leader in gold production and import, China, has initiated a plan to make Shanghai a gold trading hub. This move could overthrow London and New York as the leaders in gold pricing. The Shanghai Gold Exchange, the worlds largest gold exchange, approached a few banks including Australia and New Zealand Banking Group in order to start global trade in the cities free-trade area.  Last year, China overtook India as the worlds largest gold importer and as a result gold  demand increased about a third to 1,065.8 tonnes in 2013.

Adapt to Survive

Since the booming popularity increase of the internet and e-sales, the jewelry business became a took a sharp turn and became a whole new ball game. Many who have adapted prospered, and many who have not suffered the consequences.

Before, buying jewelry could be a nightmare if you knew nothing of it. Your best bet was to listen to suggestions(which often times where in the best interest of the seller or individual giving them), or simply walk into a store and hope you will not be heavily overcharged. Thanks to the internet, you can browse though reviews of different  jewelers to compare and check credibility as well as enlighten yourself on different products all from the comfort of a computer. However, how the online jewelry market will continue to grow is still a mystery as it is not at its prime yet. This is a question that even a Harvard Business school team along with the GIA(Gemological Institute of America) do not have the answer to yet.

One of the main factors that draws jewelry buyers to the internet market is customer testimonials. There is a huge difference between buying a $5.00 item or a six figure piece of jewelry online. These testimonials help because new buyers could either feel safe or back away from the online store depending on previous customers experiences. If someone bought a $600,000 ring and loves it along with the service, than someone else reading it will most likely do the same. A very important factor is loyalty from customers and for the brand, this is what keeps an e-store going.

A successful E-store, as a successful brick&mortar, must provide the best prices mixed with the best customer service and products in order to succeed. Although the internet allows next level service: the store is open 24/7, it’s never crowded, and you can forget about salespeople. Allowing you to take all the time you need to zoom and browse through the products and make good choices is definitely a plus for the internet.

The internet has lit-up the dim world of jewelry by educated consumers and giving them more freedom. Although, no one knows how the future will be for Jewelry E-commerce as it is relatively new and has yet to overtake traditional jewelry sales in total sales and in quantity. Even though consequences have come upon many who refused to use E-commerce in there favor.

8.2 million in Paris, going for 20 million in New York

Christie’s, a jewel auction held in Paris, brought in the 2nd highest number in sales ever had in Paris ¬†by the company¬†at $8.2 million. A 10.93 ct. flawless baguette VVS2 ring took the title of the highest sale at the show for $1 million. Christie’s had other beautiful pieces from the “French Princely Family” for sale such as¬†$918,519 platinum and gold necklace with diamonds, and natural pearls along with a $763,046¬†Chaumet platinum ring with diamonds and sapphires.

Despite the great turnout Christie’s had in Paris, they are expecting to go above and beyond at there New York show by bringing in more than $20 million with there extensive collection of over 220 special items on June 10th. This one-day extravaganza will boast both colored and colorless diamonds along with natural pearls. Along with other jewels from Cartier, Tiffany&co, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bvlgari and others.

Likely top-sellers at this New York show are believed to be a Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace containing diamonds and sapphires, A Taffin rectangular-cut diamond ring, and a Leviev diamond necklace containing over 100 ct. of diamonds.


From old school to digital; 109 years of excellence

Even in the digital age, the 109-year old Rolex is still thriving. Rolex is always about quality over quantity, and only speaking when it is right for them. Creating a “Buzz” is not there goal. Very recently, Rolex launched its first official Facebook page, a huge step from slightly altering there products and marketing strategy. This was no oversight, Rolex has long made a name for itself after 109 years and would not lose clients. The brand wanted to gather as much knowledge as possible before embarking on there social media journey. The brand refused to worsen the quality of its products and hold its message through this age of tech marketing.

Since the start of there production, Rolex has used the milestones which there products have been involved in to market there quality timepieces aside from impeccable craftsmanship. In 1927, Rolex introduced the “testimony concept.” Rolex advertised on the Front page of the British magazine, Daily Mail. The ad showcased the Rolex Oyster, The worlds first waterproof watch. This watch was worn by Mercedes Gleitze, the first woman to swim across the English Channel. Gleitze claimed that the watches precise time keeping was not affected at all while being submerged during terrible weather. Fast-forwarding to 1935, race car driver Malcolm Campbell broke the worlds speed record at Utah’s salt flats. He timed his record while using the Rolex Oyster. The English race car driver later noted in a speech that the Rolex he has been wearing for a while keeps time perfectly under any conditions.

Throughout the years, Rolex has been featured in many climbs, ocean dives, and on oversea flights. Rolex also sponsors huge athletes such as Roger Federer and Tiger Woods and is on the wrist of many during Hollywood films and other cinema.

When Rolex made it’s leap into social media. It started with its 2012 YouTube channel showing videos describing the brands roots and what they are all about including different expeditions and journeys instead of advertisements. ¬†Rolex also relies on “social listening,” or paying attention to what followers do and say about the brand to decide what posts are expected of it. Rolex noticed that followers wanted to learn more about the watches roman numerals last July, therefore they launched a series about the roman numerals and why they use IIII instead of IV. Even though Rolex has only had its Facebook page for a year, they are already having serious traffic and gaining a massive follower pool.

What is most important to Rolex is that they create products and make maneuvers that will satisfy clients not only tomorrow, but mainly 10 years down the line.





4D printing – Jewelry design of the future

Many different plastics and fibers are combined to create shape-shifting “smart materials” that morph when in contact with certain stimuli such as heat or water. An object will be scanned, then compressed in order to fit inside a 3D printer. The buyer would simply download it, print it out, and finally unfold it.

This new technology will revolutionize the way jewelry is worn and created. It is the future.