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Le Stage Minerals Booth#: Ballroom E22

Le Stage Minerals Booth#: Ballroom E22

Le Stage Minerals at the JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show!

LE STAGE MINERALS is the largest Amethyst and Agate manufacturer and exporter company in Artigas, Uruguay. Our tradition is more than 38 years working on this business.

We have been working hard in the last years to prepare our staff to take from the rough stones the best beauty, thus position ourselves as leaders in this market.

We have managed to conquer major markets such as Asia, Europe, United States having the best reputation.
Now we are pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading company in Uruguay, dealing the best quality in the semiprecious stones found in our country.

Today, our company has 150 employees properly trained operating in an area of 229 hectares.
We are looking forward to build a solid and lasting relationship based on very good businesses with you.
If you come to visit us you can enjoy the best you can find of Uruguay semi precious stones.

Visit us online at

JOGS Tucson Jewelry & Gift Show September 6-9, 2012 Pre-registration NOW OPEN!

Pre-Registration NOW OPEN!

Buyers and Visitors can now register to the Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show September 6-9, 2012. Whether your need is restocking, discovering new jewelry products or looking for that special piece that sets your store apart, JOGS Tucson Jewelry and Gift Show 2012 has what you are looking featuring over 100 designers and manufacturers.

Come see Tucson’s favorite exhibitors with their largest stock:

 A.G. Japan LTD
 Absolute Jewelry
 Alex Simkin 
 Amber Dreams 
 Arts Kindom Jewelry Co., LTD
 Amy Simon Jewelry 
 AV Jewelry & Designs
 Bali Designs
 Benefit Import and Export
 Blake Brothers
 China Mountain Turquoise
 Chinese American Art 
 Cleia Renata L. Oliviera 
 Commercial Resources Corp
 Didaj Jewelry
 Empire Gems 
 Fantastic Deals/Stable Bridge
 Fashion Accessories 
 Fashion Jewelry LA 
 Fivestar Jewelry 
 Gadsden Express 
 Gem Cutters
 Golma Raja Co. LTD
 Indian Touch of Gallup 
 Infinity Trading 
 Instyle Trading
 J-Good-In Inc 
 JBC Trading
 JJ Jewelers
 KingD Jewelry
 Kybelle Sterling 
 La Nazar
 Larimar Conlight
 Maria Belen Nilson 
 Mythology Company 
 Neotric Gems Inc 
 Oriental Crest Inc 
 PRS Jewelry 
 Rajbhandari Trade Links Nepal
 Rocio Co.
 Sam Davis Designs 
 Silver Planet 
 Skyline Business Ltd 
 Starborn Creations 
 Sunwest Silver Co., Inc
 Talia Jade 
 The Boys Silver 
 Tiger Tiger
 Trans Pacific USA 
 Tres Moi
 Twan Kee Co
 Twin Palace LLC 
 Y. S. USA Trading Co. 
 Yong Jia Co. 
 Yuan J LiuPlus many MORE!

Over 100 favorite Tucson Exhibitors from around the globe! Importers, Manufacturers, Designers and Wholesalers of:
Gold, Diamonds, Gems, Sterling Silver, Fine Jewelry, Finished Jewelry, Pearls, Loose Diamonds, Beads, Bead Strands, Swarowski Crystals, Amber, Opals, Cabochons, Lampwork, Glass beads, Findings, Bridal Jewelry, Native Jewelry, Watches, Accessories, Home Decor, Ethinc Jewelry and Crafts, Southwestern Jewelry, Jewelry from U.S., Thailand, India, China, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia, Poland, Germany, South America, Turkey, Nepal, Africa, Russia, Australia, Philipines and much more!
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What’s Inside Jewelry Trunk Shows?

What’s Inside Jewelry Trunk Shows?

Jewelry trunk shows are most commonly held by designers or manufacturers who want to test a new jewelry design on the market. This means, if you know where to go, you can get new or unique pieces of jewelry before anyone else. The designer will go to a boutique, a gift store, or perhaps a gallery, and arrange for some pieces to be displayed and sold for the public. It is a great deal for both the store and those who brought or made the jewelry.

Jewelry trunk shows are one of the few places where a designer can have direct contact with the public who will be buying his or her product. The designer can also explain to the salespeople in the store what the selling points of the pieces are and how to best present them to potential customers.

In fact, such shows are often used as testing grounds for new designs. They are usually done far enough ahead of the actual release date so that changes can be made to the line of jewelry, rather through price points or through actual physical alteration to the pieces themselves.

One of the best reasons for a designer to go to a store and run jewelry trunk shows is to make sure none of the creations they offer look too much like something that’s already out there. No one wants to sell something that looks like a copy of someone else’s work.

Big designers or major boutiques are not the only ones to benefit from jewelry trunk shows. Many of us know someone who makes interesting pieces of jewelry and sells them to friends or on websites. That person might even be you. There’s no reason why such a person couldn’t run a trunk show of her own. Local, independently owned stores, like consignment shops, would certainly benefit from the extra business, as would the jewelry maker herself.

It takes a bit of preparation, but the end result is worth the effort. First, of course, a proper venue has to be found. Discuss with the store owner what times might be best for a show. You’ll provide the snacks and the drinks, and well as a portion of the sales to the store. That will make your proposition difficult to resist.

All the real preparatory work will be yours. You’ll need to advertise by printing flyers and posting them all around the city, and by emailing any customers of yours. The latter should be a big help by promoting through word of mouth, as well. Personally tell friends and family, and they’ll also spread the word. Be sure your flyers have the details of what food will be served and some good pictures of your best pieces.

When the day comes, arrive at least an hour early. Dress simply and elegantly. The simple black dress is always a good choice ‚Äď but be sure you’re wearing your own jewelry to go with it. You are your best advertisement, after all. The show itself is your best opportunity to build up your clientele. Have a bowl available for business cards. You might even want to encourage customers to leave business cards by holding a drawing for free jewelry. Soon, you’ll have a mailing list to contact when you’re ready to sell your next creations.

Whether buying or running one of your own, jewelry trunk shows can be a lot of fun and places where you can save (or make!) quite a bit of change.
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Upcoming events in Tucson, Arizona!

We have 3 upcoming events in Tucson! Our new show, “SuperStart Show” will be opening the beginning of next year. All dates are listed below! There’s plenty of time to register but why not register today and save time later? Click To Register

JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show Dates:
September Show: September 6-9, 2012
SuperStart Show: February 1-4, 2013
Winter Show: February 1-12, 2013

February Birthstones – Amethyst

February Birthstones – Amethyst


· Amethyst is the birthstone for February
· Amethyst represents Courage and Inner Strength

The amazingly beautiful purple gemstone Amethyst is revered the world over. Amethyst was once considered a talisman to help prevent drunkenness but also has been a symbol of Royalty by Pharaohs, Kings and Queens as well a leading adornment for many religious sects, as it was thought Amethyst could encourage celibacy. Catholic Bishops still wear Amethyst rings.

Even Leonardo Da Vinci wrote ” Amethyst was able to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken the intelligence”.

Amethyst is also believed to promote mental and spiritual balance.

Here is a list of the Birthstones, Names and Meanings, month by month to help guide you in understanding the Birthstones of yourself or a loved one, and the significance that these Gemstones can have on our daily lives.

This is an easy guide to which gems are used for which months birthstone.

Each month of the year has been given it’s own gemstone, which many believe if worn by somebody born at that time of year will have greater luck, well being and spiritual enlightenment.

Precious and semi-precious natural gemstones have been used in this fashion for thousands of years by everyone one, from the Egyptians to Native Americans. Turning raw pieces of gemstones, created over millions of years, into polished, beautiful birthstone jewelry to give to the people we love. These have to be one of the most sentimental and perfect gift ideas on the planet.

I hope you find the information provided both useful and interesting.

Feel free to visit the full list – Birthstones By Month