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Unique designer jewelry by Passione Gioielli

Designer jewelry, uniquely designed by Italian designer. Establish in the year 2006.
Specialize in precious and semi precious stones.

Jewelry Designer Jane Magon

Jane Magon’s stunning designs are formed at the intersection of jewellery, fashion and art. Inspired by her childhood in New Guinea.
Jane Magon will exhibit her wonderful creations on JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show.


Ivory for Art at JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show

Ivory for art, run by the owner William, makes beautiful and original pieces from elephant ivory piano keys which he purchased many years ago in London. This is a one of a kind booth with unique jewelry at a very reasonable price.

I noticed walking by that you have one of the most unusual booths in Tucson. What is Ivory for Art?

40 years ago, I was living in London, I bought 2 tons of ivory form a ware house that was stockpiling offcuts and waste products for 150 years. The family was purveyors of ivory in europe. I thought it was a good investment, and I bought it all. Today, after my retirement form my antique shop in New Orleans, I decided I would make jewelry form it, to keep my hands flexible. I have no competition in the United States, making jewelry from antique piano keys.

Is this all elephant ivory?

Elephant ivory was the only ivory ever used for important mechanical, musical, pianos or anything of that nature.

Is all of this legal ivory?

I used to be a US Fish and Wildlife Agent, I was deputized in 1981 and we had the largest seizure of walrus ivory in Alaska!

Where does the scrap material come from?

What happens when they made piano keys – if it wasn’t perfect, within millimeters of perfection in width and design. Ivory is like a tree – it grows, and it has flaws, and it had to be just perfect. If it wasn’t ivory wasn’t very valuable years ago, so they would just story the scrap, and people would buy it and make mosaics, and other things.

I make ivory chain, I make ivory earrings, bracelets, and I invented this specific style, you can only do this with ivory… you put the ivory in water and a chemical and let it sit there around a wooden dowel, and when it dries, it gets this curly shape. Nobody in the world can cut a tusk to make piano keys, and then use this technique to make it curl.

What does the rough material cost?

We sell ivory from 50 cents a gram to about a dollar a gram.

Silvex at JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show

Silvex presents us with all USA made .925 or above high quality sterling silver pieces. All pieces are of the highest quality silver and have the lowest price tags you can find. Chief Operations Manager Jenna Forte also introduces her 2 other silver collections: Twisted Blade, hip-rock star jewelry and Feroni, jewelry pieces with Swarovski Zirconium. Silvex produces there pieces in sterling silver, gold-plated, and rose-gold plated.

Milsi Gems at JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show


EIJ jewelry at JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show

Perry, co-owner of EIJ jewelry along with her husband, talks about her beautiful rings available for all budgets. She showed some fabulous examples of her products all designed by her husband including a beautiful white gold ring with invisible set princess cut diamonds. Only the greatest quality jewels for the greatest prices here at JOGS.


Kidus Gemstone at JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show

Kidus Gemstone showcases beautiful Ethiopian Opal bought directly from the miners. Displaying both polished and rough, there is a large variety of high quality 5-7 color stones. Each stone is unique as the color on every opal stone is different.


Classic Jewelers at JOGS Tucson Gem Show

Classic jewelers, a family business from Orange county, CA bringing fine jewelry along with high quality diamonds and precious jewels including Emeralds, Rubies, Tanzanite, and Sapphires.

Interview with Classic Jewelrs

We’re here today with Classic Jewelers and the the Tabello family, Mr. Norman and his lovely wife Rose and their son Ramsy.

How long have you guys been at JOGS?

We’ve been coming for 10 years now – actually since it started.

What do you bring to the JOGS Show?

Fine jewelry, diamonds and precious gemstones.

Do you have a store?

Yes, we have a store located in Orange County, california

Do you attend other shows?

No, we actually only do the JOGS Show. We’re very happy with the turnout and the customers that come and the visitors from around the world.

This year I noticed that you have a lot of colored stones and we were talking about the coral and the turquoise that you had . Is there any reason this year that you decided to branch out from the primarily gold and diamonds jewelry that we see in your display cases?

Demand for professional gemstones has risen a lot – emeralds rubies sapphires and tanzanite are really popular this year. We’re seeing an increase in demand.

Has business been good for you this year?

Yes, business has been good for us at JOGS!

And the colored stones they are they living up to the to the demand?

Yes, they’re really popular.

Are you coming next year?

Yes, we’ll be here next year with the same fine jewelry.

Maria Belen Nilson at JOGS Tucson Gem Show

Maria Belen Nilson shows off her beautiful collection of sterling silver jewelry. Although her store is in Taxco, Mexico, her products can be found all over the USA including New York, Washington and California. Even though most of her pieces are contemporary, classic designs, you can find some one of a kind pieces as well. Every year Maria thinks of a new design so make sure to check her out at JOGS show, because that is the only show she does in the USA.

Culture-Cross at JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show

Culture Cross brings very unique pieces from the Hmong tribe in southeast Asia. Some sterling silver and some zinc, they travel to the villages to meet with those who make this jewelry and some of it they design themselves. Also bringing Mexican Amber, these pieces are a rare find for a great price.