Abdul Gardezy’s ‘Brilliant Design’ and Fabulous Gems

Of course, we were very pleased to get a few minutes time with Abdul Gardezy of Brilliant Design, a jewelry designer extraordinaire. Perhaps the best term I can think of for his work is ‘over-the-top classic jewelry’ and when you see the amazing stones he has incorporated into his work, the phrase will be easy to understand.

Brilliant Design - 18kt gold Amethyst Pendant

In this video, we are introduced to the pin/pendant combination featuring a 200 carat tourmaline set in 18kt gold; an enormous gem of amethyst set as a stunning pendant; and more. Sourcing his stones globally, often during personal visits, but also from his fellow exhibitors at the winter JOGS show in Tucson, Mr Gardezy sometimes spends years with a gem before figuring just the perfect setting.

Brilliant Design - White Opal Ring

We welcome you to join us in our visit to this selection of wonderful custom design jewelry, and the man who is responsible for brining it to life!

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