Jewellenium, The Millennium of Jewelry

Micropave. Peekaboo earrings. Cubic Zirconia from Switzerland and .925 silver with 24kt gold plating. These were the types of trends I found at Jewellenium’s booth at the JOGS Gem and Jewelry show.

Micropave gold-plated rings from Jewwllenium

Micropave gold-plated rings from Jewwllenium

Jewellenium’s name is more than just a portmanteau of “Jewelry” and “Millenium” – it also stands for the future-facing goals of the company.

An array of Jewellnium's designs

An array of Jewellnium’s designs

Started in 2000, the business has been chasing trends for 16 years, without losing its focus on traditional designs.


Jewellenium’s most popular traditional pieces, Cubic Zirconia necklaces and earrings

Jamie Lee from Jewellenium showed me some of their latest at the show. The trendy pieces are created Jewellenium’s 7 designers, all from Korea.


Micropave Necklace and Earrings from Jewellenium

Micropave was the first trend Jamie showed me, in an earrings and necklace set with hundreds of tiny gems. “There are normally 2, 4 or 6 prongs holding the stones, but this is 16 prongs holding a 1 mm stone.” Jamie explains that the tiny stones are so small that their jewelers require a microscope to set them.

Crystal Bracelets from Jewellenium

Crystal Bracelets from Jewellenium

Crystals bracelets were the second, and she says these are incredibly on trend right now. They’re stretchable, and very easy to take on and off.

Peekaboo Earrings from Jewellenium

Peekaboo Earrings from Jewellenium

Peekaboo earrings were her last. She says although the trend is starting to wane in Europe, it’s only just picking up in North America and very few vendors carry them yet. Peekaboo earrings are a play on traditional earring style, allowing a secondary piece of earring to show behind the ear. Jewellenium’s take on the new earrings has a very small earring in the front, and a large globe in the back that peeks out from behind the wearer’s ear.

Jewellenium's Booth at the JOGS Gem & Jewelry Show

Jewellenium’s Booth at the JOGS Gem & Jewelry Show

If you are interested in seeing Jewellenium‘s fashionable high-end jewelry, you can visit her showroom in Buena Park, California (8382 Artesia Blvd, #B). Jamie Lee can be reached at (714) 222-0147.

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