Kachina Country of Milan, NM

Every year at JOGS, one of the best known trading posts in America brings the world a selection of beautiful and exotic Native American arts. Featuring a brilliant selection of kachina dolls and Native American jewelry from the tribes of the Southwest, Kachina Country is the place to find what you’re after.

Kachina Country Navajo Dolls

Whether you want one-of-a-kind artist-carved kachinas, or a line of custom made dolls, Kachina Country is the place to find them. Roy, the owner, has a factory on site with Native artisans creating great works, and also has unique pieces created by his network of artists. Badger, Mudhead, or Eagle, this is the place for your kachina needs.

Kachina Country Navajo DollsKachina Country Navajo DollsKachina Country Navajo Dolls

If you happen to be after Native American jewelry as well, there is a wide variety of Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi jewelry available. Vintage or new, you can find gorgeous pieces of sterling silver jewelry set with turquoise, coral and jet, in all price ranges.

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