Le Stage Minerals Presents Fine Amethyst from Uruguay

Le Stage Minerals Large Clam Shell Purple Amethyst

Mr Tambucho, a fine and charming man, is one of the finest guides to selecting excellent amethyst. His expertise arises from many years of working with Le Stage Minerals of Uruguay, one of the world’s top producers and the possessor of the world’s largest amethyst specimen.

Every year JOGS brings Le Stage to Tucson for the gem show and every year the most beautiful and interesting specimens of amethyst come with them. Their selection is largely a variety of decorative pieces, from cabinet specimens to large (huge) clam shell jewelry boxes or ‘treasure chests’ created from enormous geodesic amethysts.

Le Stage Minerals Amethyst from Uruguay

In this video, Mr Tambucho discusses the variety of crystals available and the qualities to look for when purchasing fine pieces. Visit them on the web at www.lestageminerals.com or find them on Facebook. Better yet: Visit Le Stage at JOGS 2014 during the Tucson Gem Show!

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