Jan 25-Feb 5, 2023
Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show
Tucson Expo Center

May 29-Jun 1, 2023
Las Vegas Gem & Jewelry Show
The Mirage Casino

Tucson Fall Show Info *Dates Subject to Change.

Exhibitor Security

All JOGS Shows feature heavy security for our exhibitors, but with over 40,000 buyers at the Show its in your best interests to keep your booth and merchandise safe. The Tucson Gem Show is a place that thieves know is an “easy target” due to the thousands of exhibitors coming during a short period of time, so keep yourself and your merchandise safe while travelling to and from the Show with these tips.

Safety Tips

  1. Collaborate with other dealers to travel together in a group.
  2. Never be alone.
  3. Get insurance for your merchandise and for your travel plans.
  4. Do not put all your valuable merchandise in one bag.

Driving to the Show

  1. Do not stop for gas. Fill your tank fully before you leave.
  2. Do not stop for food. Pack food for the journey, avoid restaurants and drive-ins – anywhere your car will be stopped for more than a few seconds.
  3. Do not stop to fix a flat tire.
  4. Do not stop if your car is hit.
  5. Do not park in parking garages. Use valet service to park your car in hotels. Do not leave merchandise in your car.

Flying to the Show

  1. Do not go through security alone. Hire security to escort you if possible.
  2. Do not lose site of your bag going through security, especially the X-ray machine.
  3. Do not put your bag down. Hold on to it at all times. Do not walk away from it.

Hotel Safety

  1. Do not leave merchandise alone in your hotel room, not even in the safe.
  2. Do not trust your valuables with the hotel lobby front desk.
  3. When you are in the hotel room, store your valuables in the room safe, and use the door bolt or chain to lock the door. Valuables that do not fit in the safe should be kept in zipped cases with the zippers locked closed, and kept near your bed rather than open on the floor.

Other Travel Tips

  1. Do not put down your bag in the restroom.
  2. Do not drink alcohol if you are the one responsible for watching your merchandise.
  3. Do not share a taxi.