Adapt to Survive

Since the booming popularity increase of the internet and e-sales, the jewelry business became a took a sharp turn and became a whole new ball game. Many who have adapted prospered, and many who have not suffered the consequences.

Before, buying jewelry could be a nightmare if you knew nothing of it. Your best bet was to listen to suggestions(which often times where in the best interest of the seller or individual giving them), or simply walk into a store and hope you will not be heavily overcharged. Thanks to the internet, you can browse though reviews of different  jewelers to compare and check credibility as well as enlighten yourself on different products all from the comfort of a computer. However, how the online jewelry market will continue to grow is still a mystery as it is not at its prime yet. This is a question that even a Harvard Business school team along with the GIA(Gemological Institute of America) do not have the answer to yet.

One of the main factors that draws jewelry buyers to the internet market is customer testimonials. There is a huge difference between buying a $5.00 item or a six figure piece of jewelry online. These testimonials help because new buyers could either feel safe or back away from the online store depending on previous customers experiences. If someone bought a $600,000 ring and loves it along with the service, than someone else reading it will most likely do the same. A very important factor is loyalty from customers and for the brand, this is what keeps an e-store going.

A successful E-store, as a successful brick&mortar, must provide the best prices mixed with the best customer service and products in order to succeed. Although the internet allows next level service: the store is open 24/7, it’s never crowded, and you can forget about salespeople. Allowing you to take all the time you need to zoom and browse through the products and make good choices is definitely a plus for the internet.

The internet has lit-up the dim world of jewelry by educated consumers and giving them more freedom. Although, no one knows how the future will be for Jewelry E-commerce as it is relatively new and has yet to overtake traditional jewelry sales in total sales and in quantity. Even though consequences have come upon many who refused to use E-commerce in there favor.

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