Healing Gemstones


Healing gemstones are delightful to give or receive as gifts. They are natural healers and are mother
nature’s gifts. When you give a healing gemstone such as crystal to someone is the same as offering a

There are many types of healing gemstones to choose from. Following is a list of the some popular
healing gemstones that you everyone would love to receive as a gift. Each of these healing gemstones
has wonderful healing energies.

Turquoise is a teaching stone which can be used to help learning spiritual lessons through meditation
and dream visions

Jade teaches acceptance. Carries serene and calming energy. It can help a person to become less critical
of self and others.

Lapis is a stone that helps to unlock mysteries as it helps to move through confusion and emotional
blocks and dig through to the root of problematic issues.

Amethyst helps one tune into a higher awareness of knowing.

Fluorite is a beneficial stone to help guard us against picking up negativity or negative energies from
people . It absorbs any negativity. Since it absorbs negativity It is important to cleanse it at least once a
week .

Kyanite is probably best known for its balancing properties that align the chakras is best worn near the
throat chakra . There is no need to cleanse this stone, it clears itself automatically of negative energies.

Rose Quartz is healer of physical heart ailments as well as emotional heartbreaks. Rose quartz is a great
gift to offer someone who desires to learn self-love.

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