Other Names: blue-green beryl
Origin of Name: The name originates from the Roman Aqua meaning water and Marine meaning sea
Meaning of the Stone: Water of the Sea, the stone of the scorpio zodiac
Family: Silicate mineral/Beryl mineral, of the emerald family
Region: Europe, USA, Russia, Brazil, Indies, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan,Pakistan
Color: Blue (pure aquamarine) green, yellow, red, white
Transparency: transparent or opaque
Fracture: Conchoidal
Hardness (Gravity): 7.5-8( 2.76 avg.)
Crystal System: Hexagonal
Similar Minerals:

1. Legend and History:

The Aquamarine was frequently used in the Roman Empire and Middle Ages; The Romans would quite often incorporate the stone into their jewelry and believe that specific carvings of the stone, such as in the shape of a frog, would help reconcile enemies and make them into friends, in addition, both Romans and Greeks, believed that wearing an aquamarine would ensure a safe journey across the seas, due to its unity as a stone, with the colors of the sea.
Aquamarine is said to be the stone of courage; It eliminates stress and calms the mind, whilst also harmonizing one with the environment and mitigating bad external factors. In ancient times it was believed to be a stone which fought against the powers of darkness and brought serenity from the spirits of the light. Most sailors and seamen would carry an Aquamarine stone close to them in order to have a prosperous journey and be protected by its mystical powers.
In addition this beautiful stone is said to help those whom wear it get through difficult situations and take a stance in their lives; it brings out ones positive aura and aligns the chakra.
As all precious stones, the aquamarine is said to have certain healing powers also, such as uses against sore throats, swollen glans, thyroid problems, growth, the eyes, teeth and stomach.

2. Origin in nature and use:

Aquamarine, literally meaning “water of the sea”, is a beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate mineral, which varies in its shape and size, but is most commonly known to be a hexagonal crystal. As it is a variety of beryl it therefore belongs to the emerald family, thus often used as a stone of outstanding beauty due to its main color.

3. Interesting Facts:

In the Middle Ages, the aquamarine was cut into crystal balls, as it was thought to posses mystical properties and the ability to renew love in one’s life; Dr. John Dee also used a crystal ball created from aquamarine to predict which would be the best time for coronation for Queen Elizabeth I.
The Aquamarine stone is thought to bring out its benefits when one holds it tight, or places it in the correct area, depending on the desired use; Rings and amulets are very popular with the aquamarine too, especially on persons whom gain it’s attributes from the zodiac signs, i.e the scorpio sign.

4. Care and Storing:

As aquamarine stones are in the middle of the Mohs scale, they are fairly durable, but still must be treated with care as any precious stone. The typical shallow cuts which are used in order to enhance their clarity and emphasize their color deem them in need of frequent cleaning with a soft cloth in order for their appearance to remain at its best.

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