Azotic Topaz

Other Names:
Origin of Name: Azotic Topaz is a high-tech creation of enhanced Topaz meaning fire in the Sanskrit language
Meaning of the Stone: Birthstone of November
Classification: semi-precious
Family: Quartz
Region: USA, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan
Color: May be enhanced with all colors
Transparency: Transparent to transulcet
Fracture: conchoidal
Hardness (Gravity): 8(3.49-3.57)
Crystal System: Orthohombric
Similar Minerals:

1. Legend and History:

Legends and History do not evolve much around the stone of Azotic Topaz, due to the fact that it is a creation of high-tech laboratories; Topaz however on it’s own does indeed have certain beliefs and legends attached to it’s history. In Ancient Egypt it was believed that the golden color of Topaz was colored from the Sun God Ra, thus it was thought to become a very powerful amulet that protected the wearer against harm.
Furthermore, topaz is said to be a stone which brings happiness, generosity, and good health; it is traditionally known as a love stone and luck stone, as it leads it’s wearer to achievement of his goals. In reference to psychology, Topaz is said to help it’s wearer reach it’s inner self and explore his inner wealth, thus llowing for a feeling of confidence and philanthropy.

2. Origin in nature and use:

Azotic Topaz, as we have mentioned, is a creation of man, an enhancement of the raw basic material of Topaz. AzoticTM is the main laboratory which enhances and creates Azotic Topaz, thus not much information is disclosed in reference to it’s creation. The cut and polished topaz is coated with a highly thin titanic film which acts as a coloring agent.

3. Interesting Facts:

Azotic topaz is considered to be a stone of love, it has been used in many covers, and stories, of romantic novels.

4. Care and Storing:

Azotic Topaz is a relatively hard stone, thus no extra care is needed in reference to storing, although it would be best to store it away from other stones of less hardness so it does not damage them, but also itself. It has no special sensitivity to chemicals thus may be cleaned by any means, but still acting with care as this stone still remains a topaz crystal despite technological enhancements.

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