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Other Names: Tin gemstone
Origin of Name: Greek kassiteros which means tin
Meaning of the Stone:
Classification: semi-precious
Family: oxide minerals
Region: Bolivia, Rwanda,Congo,Brazil,Mexico,USA,England(now exhausted)
Color: Black,dark brown,red-brown,red,yellow,gray,white
Transparency: transparent, opaque, depending on light
Fracture: subconchoidal
Hardness (Gravity): 6-7(6.98-7.1)
Crystal System: tetragonal,
Similar Minerals: fluorite,apatite,tourmaline

1. Legend and History:

Cassiterite got its name from the Greek language, literally meaning the ore of tin; however, the Romans used to call the British Isles cassiterides, although scholars believe that the most valid origin of the name derives from Greek, as the stone is also called tin gemstone.
Cassiterite is believed to keep negative thoughts out of its wearers mind, and also help him adapt in a community where he feels unwanted, thus lifting self-confidence. In addition it is said to control feelings of equality and integrity but also keep mental stability. In reference to healing properties, cassiterite is believed to help in weight loss, and prevent hormonal anomalies from occurring.

2. Origin in nature and use:

Cassiterite is an ore found in the form of tin, and one of the most important ones for that matter; It is primarily concentrated in alluvial surfaces. It’s crystals are generally short as they occur in pematites. The main color of the cassiterite ore is black and transparent, and this variety is which is mainly used in jewelry making; In ancient times however cassiterite was used not only for the purpose of jewelry making, but also in order to make utensils. It’s main geographical origin is Bolivia, Rwanda, Congo Brazil, Mexico, USA and England.

4. Interesting Facts:

Cassiterite mines in Congo have recently been shut down and deemed illegal due to the fact that many wars and acts of violence have occurred due to its abundance and sale price.

5. Care and Storing:

There are not many important facts in reference to care and storing for this specific gemstone, it is however recommended to keep in a presentation box or soft pouch, due to it’s hardness, or lack thereof, and also clean with a soft cloth and warm water.

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September 7 - 10, 2017 Gem and Jewelry Show
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