Other Names:
Origin of Name: Greek words “chryso” and “colla” which means gold glue.
Meaning of the Stone: Gemini Strasign
Classification: semi-precious
Family: silica mineral
Region: USA, Mexico, Peru, Canada, South Africa, Congo, Zimbabwe. Russia
Color: blue-green, blue, emerald green, turquoise
Transparency: Translucent to Opaque
Fracture: Sub-conchoidal, uneven
Hardness (Gravity): 2.5-3.5(1.9-2.4)
Crystal System: Orthohombric
Similar Minerals: azurite, limonite

1. Legend and History:

Chrysocolla received its name from the Greek words chryso and colla, which literally means gold-glue as it was used as a substance to stick gold parts together; The first mentioning of this stone was by Theophrastus in 315BC.
Native Indian tribes used Chrysocolla as a healing stone, as they believed it strengthened the body’s resistance to illness.
In addition, it is said to help in the prevention of stomach ulcers, mitigate spasms, encourage clarity, and decrease nervousness. Furthermore, when applied to an affected area this stone may help the healing process for infections, high blood pressure, burns, and cramps.

2. Origin in nature and use:

Chrysocolla is a rather common stone to be found in nature, however, the semi-precious variety of chrysocolla is considered somewhat of a rarity as it is not often encountered. Major deposits of this gemstone exist in the US, specifically New Mexico, Nevada, California, and Arizona.
Chrysocolla is a minor ore of copper, as it forms in the oxidation zones of copper ore bodies.
It is usually cut into cabochons or used for micro sculpting; due to its relative softness it is not often used in order to create jewelry, however, in some cases where it is found in quartz deposits it becomes hard enough to polish and create jewelry with.

3. Interesting Facts:

Due to the specific color of this gemstone, it is often confused with turquoise.

4. Care and Storing:

Chrysocolla must be kept safe from knocks and other harder minerals as it is a very soft gemstone, thus it is recommended to store in a presentation box alone, or with other stones of similar hardness. To clean this gemstone only water and soap is necessary, it must however be kept in mind that sudden alterations of temperature do not benefit the stone.

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