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Other Names: Titanclinohumite
Origin of Name: mineral humite
Meaning of the Stone:
Classification: precious
Family: mineral, humite group
Region: Italy, Russia,Afghanistan ( further regions exist, but do not provide gemstone quality)
Color: red, brown-orange, yellow
Transparency: transparent, translucent
Fracture: Conchoidal
Hardness (Gravity): 6 (3.2-3.4)
Crystal System: Monoclinic
Similar Minerals: norbergite, chondrodite

1. Legend and History:

Clinohumite is an uncommon mineral rarely found in gemstone quality. The first discovery of this “fiery” stone was in 1876 within the limestone ejecta of the volcano Vesuvius in Italy.
Later discoveries of gemstone quality clinohumite occurred in 1980 and 2000 in Pamir Asia, and Taymyr, Siberia , respectively.
The aforementioned deposits however are rather scarce and not mined too often, thus classifying this gemstone as extremely rare.

2. Origin in nature and use:

Clinohumite is a monoclinic mineral of the humite group found in shades of dark brown to orange yellow. As a product of metamorphism it occurs embedded in limestone, or as a minor component of peridotite masses in the Earth’s mantle, thus certain scientists believe this mineral plays an important role towards the Earth’s reservoir of water.
Gemstone quality deposits are scarcely found and extremely rare, thus only a few thousand Carats are known to exist in private collections.

3. Interesting Facts:

It has been reported in some cases that the same stone, but from different regions may have slight differences in reference to hardness and gravity, for example the Pamir variety has a hardness slightly higher than 6 and a slightly lower specific gravity.

4. Care and Storing:

Given the rarity of this wonderful gemstone which much mysticism surrounds, it best be kept safe, in a presentation box with cloth lining so as to be kept in its natural condition. Steam and ultrasound is not recommended to clean this stone, as is exposure to heat and chemicals. Warm water and a soft cloth will suffice to polish up the stone.

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September 7 - 10, 2017 Gem and Jewelry Show
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