February Birthstones – Amethyst

February Birthstones – Amethyst


Amethyst is the birthstone for February
Amethyst represents Courage and Inner Strength

The amazingly beautiful purple gemstone Amethyst is revered the world over. Amethyst was once considered a talisman to help prevent drunkenness but also has been a symbol of Royalty by Pharaohs, Kings and Queens as well a leading adornment for many religious sects, as it was thought Amethyst could encourage celibacy. Catholic Bishops still wear Amethyst rings.

Even Leonardo Da Vinci wrote ” Amethyst was able to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken the intelligence”.

Amethyst is also believed to promote mental and spiritual balance.

Here is a list of the Birthstones, Names and Meanings, month by month to help guide you in understanding the Birthstones of yourself or a loved one, and the significance that these Gemstones can have on our daily lives.

This is an easy guide to which gems are used for which months birthstone.

Each month of the year has been given it’s own gemstone, which many believe if worn by somebody born at that time of year will have greater luck, well being and spiritual enlightenment.

Precious and semi-precious natural gemstones have been used in this fashion for thousands of years by everyone one, from the Egyptians to Native Americans. Turning raw pieces of gemstones, created over millions of years, into polished, beautiful birthstone jewelry to give to the people we love. These have to be one of the most sentimental and perfect gift ideas on the planet.

I hope you find the information provided both useful and interesting.

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