2017 Fall Tucson Gem Show Wrap-up & Photos

With the Show coming to another successful close, the JOGS team would like to express their gratitude to every exhibitor that helps makes the Show as great as it is. Our exhibitor’s success is our success, and we’d like to share some of the great things that happened this year and some of the interesting things we saw at the Show. The 2017 Fall Tucson Gem Show took place on September 7 – 10, 2017 at the Tucson Expo Center.

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Fall JOGS Show Highlights

The JOGS team is always excited to have something new at the Show – whether it is a fresh design or simply a new product to add to our collection. View List of Exhibitors (September 2017)

Lemurian Crystals at Brazil Rocks Shop

Lapis & Turquoise from Afghanistan New Exhibitor!

Cool beads selection from Sandy Schor New Exhibitor!

Bracelet by BB Zaveri

Meteoerite Sphere from The Good Medicine Shop New Exhibitor!

Amethyst Rings by BB Zaveri

Rings from Balaam

Balaam’s newest designs

Opal ring by Brilliant Design

Precison laser-cut 18k overlay jewelry by Donna Italiana New Exhibitor!

Larimar from the Dominican Republic (L’Île au Trésor) New Exhibitor!

New butterfly shapes from Myths & Butterflies

Crystals and specimens from Pedras Brazil New Exhibitor!

Historical glass molds by Renee White Designs New Exhibitor!

Carved Cabochon necklaces by Sanchi & Filia P Designs

Giant Charoite pendant by Silver Planet

Aquamarine bracelet by Silver Vision New Exhibitor!

Turquoise “out of the vault” from SNAPP BROS Trade Co.

Delicate gold-dipped earrings by Sosie’s Designs New Exhibitor!

Turquoise jewelry by Sunwest Silver

Crocodile bracelet by Boys Silver

Botryoidal Arizona Fire Agate from The Good Medicine Shop New Exhibitor!

Newest Opals form Tikka Opal

White Opal Rings from Twan Kee

Moldavite Specimen from The Good Medicine Shop New Exhibitor!

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