Classic Jewelers at JOGS Tucson Gem Show

Classic jewelers, a family business from Orange county, CA bringing fine jewelry along with high quality diamonds and precious jewels including Emeralds, Rubies, Tanzanite, and Sapphires.

Interview with Classic Jewelrs

We’re here today with Classic Jewelers and the the Tabello family, Mr. Norman and his lovely wife Rose and their son Ramsy.

How long have you guys been at JOGS?

We’ve been coming for 10 years now – actually since it started.

What do you bring to the JOGS Show?

Fine jewelry, diamonds and precious gemstones.

Do you have a store?

Yes, we have a store located in Orange County, california

Do you attend other shows?

No, we actually only do the JOGS Show. We’re very happy with the turnout and the customers that come and the visitors from around the world.

This year I noticed that you have a lot of colored stones and we were talking about the coral and the turquoise that you had . Is there any reason this year that you decided to branch out from the primarily gold and diamonds jewelry that we see in your display cases?

Demand for professional gemstones has risen a lot – emeralds rubies sapphires and tanzanite are really popular this year. We’re seeing an increase in demand.

Has business been good for you this year?

Yes, business has been good for us at JOGS!

And the colored stones they are they living up to the to the demand?

Yes, they’re really popular.

Are you coming next year?

Yes, we’ll be here next year with the same fine jewelry.

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