Tucson Gem Show Exhibitors - August 29 - September 1, 2019

Attending the Tucson Gem Show and want to see which of your favorite exhibitors will be at the JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show? Below is a list of exhibitors and vendors who will be the 2019 JOGS Show. More exhibitors are added closer to the Show dates August 29 - September 1, 2019!

Company Name

Absolute Jewelry MFG.

Booth: W516, W518, W615, W617

One of a kind sterling silver jewelry, with semi-precious stones from around the globe.

Website: http://www.ajemfg.net

Turquoise Finished Designer

AF Silver Design LLC

Booth: E424, E423, E422, E421

Bumblebee jasper carvings, beads, amber jewelry, Turkish & Afghan jewelry, and wood displays.

Al-Zuni Global Jewelry

Booth: W315, W317, W319

Handmade Native American jewelry & artifacts, turquoise jewelry, arts and crafts.



Booth: W408, W410

Amber jewelry supplier and manufacturer featuring finished jewelry in gold and silver along with beads, decor and cameos.

Website: http://www.amberman.com


Amulete Gems

Booth: W424, W426

Semi-precious gemstone beads, chains and charms.

Website: http://www.amuletegems.com

Angelic Healing Crystals

Booth: E309, E310, E311, E312

Wholesaler of minerals, fossils & crystals.

Website: http://www.angelichealingcrystals.com

Argento Silver Styles, Inc.

Booth: W921

Gold layered finished jewelry and loose gemstone studded beads.

Website: http://www.argentostyles.com

Artesanias Urin Huanca

Booth: W322

Silver with natural stones and shells, handmade silver jewelry .950, semi-precious stones and corals.

Website: http://www.uh.com.pe

Asian Imports LLC

Booth: E331, E329

Wholesale handicraft tribal jewelry and textiles.

Balaam Design

Booth: W5

Sterling silver, handcrafted designer jewelry.

Website: http://balaamdesign.com

Finished Designer

Bali Designs Inc.

Booth: N15, N16

Sterling silver jewelry, beads and findings.

Website: http://www.balidesignsinc.com

Baobab Designs LLC.

Booth: W618

Handmade jewelry, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and vango-vango (sculpted bracelets) from Madagascar. Baobab Designs Company LLC is a women led company where products are made with respect towards the environment and with consideration of the humanitarian values that workers deserve.

BB Zaveri Inc.

Booth: W608, W610, W612

.925 Traditional Indian silver jewelry with gemstones.

Website: http://bbzaveri.in

Finished Designer

Bead Resources Corp.

Booth: W216-W226

Gemstone beads and pendants with selections including agate, jade, coral, glass and crystal.

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CrcbeadsShop


Beads Creation

Booth: W311, W313

Pave beads, findings and gemstone beads.


Bennett Gems & Stones

Booth: E305-E308

Cabochons, beads and turquoise.

Blanc De Noir & Co.

Booth: W816, W818

Fine handmade silver and hill tribe silver from Laos.

Website: http://www.blancdenoirandco.com

BLC Jewelry & Minerals

Booth: E419, E420

Jewelry with gold & silver plating with agate, jasper, amethyst and citrine stones.

Website: http://www.blcjewelfantasy.com

BMG (NY) Inc.

Booth: W7

14K, 18K gold, diamond & other color stones. Jewelry & semi-precious loose stones.

gemstone crafting

Brave Dazzle Inc.

Booth: N17

Manufacturer of moissanite and other gemstones.

Brazil Rock Shop

Booth: W820

Druzys, Lemurian crystals, minerals and rough stones.

Website: http://www.beyondrocks.com

crystal decor

Brilliant Design

Booth: W508, W510

Unique precious gemstones and fine jewelry.

Finished Designer

Brilliant Gems & Arts Mfg. Co.

Booth: E413, E415

Manufacturer and wholesaler of natural semi-precious stone beads, cabochons, carvings and pendants.

C and I International

Booth: W823, W825, W724, W726

Beads, gemstones and unique jewelry.

Casper Gems

Booth: W723, W725

Gemstones, Minerals & Fossils.

Chimney Butte

Booth: W624

Handmade Southwestern fine jewelry and art.

Website: http://www.santafejewelry.com

Finished Turquoise

Chinese American Art Craft

Booth: W9

Handmade jade bracelets and other jade related jewelry.

Finished decor


Booth: W822

Designer clasps and findings with gemstones, glass beads, pearls, crystals, and vintage styles.

Website: http://www.claspon-claspoff.com

D.C. Inc.

Booth: W2

Manufacturer of gemstones and fine jewelry.

Designs by Alex Simkim

Booth: N18

Designer earrings in sterling silver and gold completed with precious and semi-precious stones.

Website: http://www.eardesigns.com/home.htm

Dineh Native Arts

Booth: W626

Sterling silver Native American jewelry.


Discover Designs

Booth: E613, E614

Donna Italiana

Booth: W8

18K gold filled high-end fashion jewelry.

Website: https://orodonnaitaliana.com


DZI Silver Pvt.

Booth: E414, E416

Designer & wholesaler of silver jewelry.

Earthtones Gems Inc.

Booth: E404, E403

Brazillian gemstones, rough and cut, amethyst, citrine, dumortierite, tourmaline, aquamarine, morganite and emeralds.

Website: http://www.earthtonesgems.com

Elite Fine Jewelry

Booth: C2

Fine designer jewelry with precious stones.

Emerald Traders International LLC.

Booth: W522

Fine jewelry from Colombia including emerald & diamond rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other similar pieces. All items are 18kt gold and custom-made to any design.


Booth: TBA

African beads, African rugs, scarves, African Jewelry, statues and crafts

Fashion Jewelry LA

Booth: W13, W14

Large variety of high quality fashion jewelry & silver.

Website: http://hnrfashionjewelry.com


Feng's Trading

Booth: W400, W402

Semi-precious gemstones, beads & jewelry.

Website: http://b2bead.com


Fivestar Jewelry Inc

Booth: W715, W717

Silver, .925 stud earrings and dream-catcher jewelry.

Website: http://fivestarjewelry.com

Turquoise Finished


Booth: Main Entrance registration

Premiere online marketplace and community for gems, minerals, rocks, fossils, and jewelry for professionals, DIYers, and hobbyists.

Website: http://https:www.gemcrowd.com

Glitters Import LLC

Booth: C1

White & color diamonds, fine jewelry & precious stones.


Booth: E513, E514, E515, E516

Designer chains, cabs and free-form gemstones, findings, electroformed leaves and stones, replicas of ancient greek, roman and other coins, crystals and minerals.

Website: http://www.rotg.net

coin jewelry charms

GRS Tools/Glendo LLC.

Booth: W503

Hand engraving equipment and other tools.

Website: https://www.grs.com

Hezekiah Pool

Booth: W401, W403, W405

Jewelry made out of silver and Jerusalem stones and Jerusalem glass.

Himalayan Essentials

Booth: E164, E160

Cashmere scarves from Nepal.

HPSilver, LLC.

Booth: E317, E318

Handmade sterling silver, copper jewelry and gemstones.

Website: http://www.hpsilver.com

Imperial Gems

Booth: W909, W911, W913

Semi-precious and precious beads, gemstones and cabochons.

Website: http://www.myimperialgems.com

In Style Trading

Booth: W321, W323

Semi-precious fashion jewelry and stones.

Website: http://www.instylecorp.com


Indian Touch of Gallup

Booth: W219, W221

Native American turquoise & handmade jewelry.

Turquoise Finished

JAA Silver

Booth: S15

Silver products, jewelry & chains.

Janu Gems

Booth: E501-504

Precious and semi-precious loose gemstones & beads, rare minerals, and selective jewelry from a large range of inventory.

Website: http://www.janugems.com

JB Krystal Art

Booth: E401

Malachite and other raw materials.

JBC Trading

Booth: W324, W326

Sterling silver, crystals and other jewelry.

Website: http://www.jbctrading.com


Jennifer Gems

Booth: W709-W714

Natural gemstones, beads, rough stones, different kinds of charms, chains, necklaces, bracelets and fossils.


Booth: W3

Elements of Swarovski jewelry with white gold plated on high end designer jewelry.

Website: https://www.jewellennium.com


Jewels Artisan / Jewelum India

Booth: W504, W506

Manufacturer and wholesaler of silver jewelry studded with semi-precious stones.

Website: http://www.jewelsartisan.com

JP Pearl & Jewelry Inc.

Booth: W910, W912, W914

Freshwater pearls, Akoya Pearls, Tahitian cultured pearls and South Sea pearls.

JPI Display

Booth: E524, E523

Jewelry displays, boxes, supplies and packaging.

Website: http://www.jpidisplay.com

Judy Brandon Jewelry

Booth: W423

Handcrafted gemstone delicate jewelry in 14kt gold and sterling silver.

Website: https://www.judybrandonjewelry.com


Booth: E612, E611

Kameyab Imports

Booth: W916,W918, W920, W922, W924, W926

Jewelry, assorted rough cabochons and beads.

Turquoise crafting Finished

Karma Arts & Crafts

Booth: E158, E516

Tibet beads and metaphysical gifts.

Kim Fox Jewelry Design

Booth: W502

Findings and jewelry, clasps, connectors, cones, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, and cuffs in silver and bronze.

Website: https://www.phxfox.com

King's Beads Inc.

Booth: E517-E522

Beads, silver findings and finished jewelry.



Booth: E314, E313

Lapis jewelry, Turkish silver and fashion jewelry.

Lifestones, Gems & Minerals

Booth: W723, W725

Colombian minerals, natural stone beads, blue mist quartz, Lemurian seeds and needle quartz.

Lora's Treasures

Booth: W425

Handmade beaded traditional glass seed bead jewelry by Ukrainian artisans. Polymer clay modern design works in boho style and "food jewelry" style. Hand carved and sculptured candles.

Website: https://lorastreasures.com

Luxor Imp & Exp Inc.

Booth: S16

Loose gemstones, jewelry, raw stones, tourmalines, aquamarines.

M.S. International

Booth: W320

Swarovski crystals, designer exclusive jewelry, silver jewelry and stone beads.

crafting Finished

Madagascar Import Seam Inc.

Booth: W407

Minerals and fossils from Madagascar.

Website: http://www.gemstone-madagascar.com

Majul & Co.

Booth: W523, W525

Fine Mexican sterling silver jewelry and designs.

Website: http://www.majuljewelry.com

Finished Designer

Mak International Stones

Booth: W616, W618

Mediterranean and natural coral, turquoise, cabochon & beads.


Booth: W12

Silver jewelry with natural wings of butterflies.

Website: https://butterfliesandmyths.com

Finished designer

Nadri Gems

Booth: E505-E512

Cabochons, semi-precious stones, beads and carvings.


Nativa Gems

Booth: E409-E412

Amethysts, agate, geodes, rough and polished, slices, druzy and stone jewelry, home decor and stone products.

Website: https://www.nativagems.com


Natural Creations

Booth: W600, W601, W602, W603

Silver, gold jewelry and natural colored stones.


Nature Designs

Booth: E600-E605

Wholesale gemstone jewelry, gemstone carvings, crystals, polished minerals, fossils, metaphysical shapes, chains & findings.

Website: http://www.naturedesigns.co

New Century

Booth: W303, W305, W307, W309

Chains, findings, beads, pendants and jewelry.


Nikki Beads Inc.

Booth: W810, W812, W814, W809, W811, W813

Copper beads, findings and chains, precious stone beads.

Website: http://www.nikkibeads.com

Oh My Druzy!

Booth: E405-E408

Brazillian stone jewelry, supplies, loose stones for jewelry setting, amethysts, druzys and quartz.

Website: https://ohmydruzy.com

Omar Trawally Brothers

Booth: E402

Beads, carvings and raw materials.

Op Silver Inc.

Booth: E7, E8

Hand crafted sterling silver jewelry and semi-precious stones with inlay jewelry.

Website: https://www.opsilver.com

Opals Mine Factory Limited

Booth: W4

Australian opals and opal jewelry set in sterling silver.

Website: http://www.opalsmine.com


Oriental Crest, Inc.

Booth: W416, W418

Semi-precious gemstones, beads & pearls.

crafting Finished turquoise


Booth: E12, E11

Fine jewelry with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, alexandrite, sapphires, gold jewelry and watches.

finished gemstone

Pandora's Box

Booth: W604, W606

Unique Turkish jewelry, handicrafts and lanterns.

Website: http://www.pandorasboxshop.com


Parth Diamonds, Inc.

Booth: S17

Wholesaler and manufacturer of laboratory grown diamonds (CVD & HPHT). We specialize in all types of diamonds up to 5+ carats, fancy shape and color diamonds.

Website: https://parthdiamonds.com


Booth: TBA


Passione Gioielli

Booth: S18

High quality exclusive designer jewelry.

Website: http://ww1.passione-gioielli.com


Peace Trade LLC

Booth: E608, E609

Handicrafts, garment (clothing), jewelry, singing bowls, crafts from Nepal.

Website: http://www.peacetradenp.com

PG Stones Inc.

Booth: W923, W925, W824, W826

Semi-precious beads, stones and findings.

Website: http://www.pgstones.com

Polita Marmores

Booth: W919

Hand-carved decorative pieces made with semi-precious stones.

Website: http://polita.com.br

Posh Jewels Worldwide

Booth: W520

Handmade jewelry from different parts of the world and vintage estate jewelry pieces.

Website: https://www.poshjewelsworldwide.com

Precious Treasures

Booth: W515, W517

Wholesale & retail sales of sterling silver & jewelry, earrings, rings, pendants and necklaces.

Purity, Inc.

Booth: W223

Brass and copper beads, findings, gemstone beads, cabs, chains and bangles.

Website: https://puritybeads.com

QQ Gems

Booth: W620, W622, W719, W721

Semi-precious beads, bracelets and other jewelry.


Queenly Global Trading

Booth: W720, W722, W819, W821

Minerals, jewelry, gemstones, beads and cabs.

Website: http://www.queenlybeading.com

crafting Finished

Red Mountain Outpost

Booth: S13, S14

Turquoise cabs, rough minerals, American & Indian artifacts, and jewelry.

Red Shell

Booth: E319, E320

Red spiny oyster shells and American Indian jewelry.

Website: http://www.redshelljewelry.com

Sam Davis Designs

Booth: W509, W511

Fine sterling silver jewelry and chains.

Website: http://www.samdavisdesigns.com


Sanchi and Filia P. Designs

Booth: W415, W417, W316, W318

Sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious stones.

Turquoise Finished Designer

Sarah Cavender Metalworks

Booth: W521

Designer handmade metalmesh and industrial materials, semi-precious stones & pearls.

Website: https://www.sarahcavender.com/login.aspx

Sarah Designs Jewelry

Booth: W500, W501

Designer jewelry with semi-precious stones.

Website: https://sarahdesignsjewelry.com


Booth: W519

Ethiopian opal rough stones.

Website: http://www.seblegemstone.com

Shelter of the Sun

Booth: W6

First class Colombian emeralds and 18K gold jewelry with emeralds.

Website: http://www.elrefugiodelsol.com


Siddhi Silvers

Booth: W716, W718

Silver jewelry with semi-precious stones.

Silver Images/Arvino

Booth: W915, W917

Designer & manufacturer of silver jewelry.

Website: http://www.arvino.in

Silver Planet Inc.

Booth: W524, W526, W623, W625

Silver jewelry, pave diamonds & findings.

Finished crafting

Silver Star Jewelry

Booth: W815, W817

Largest jewelry supplier of sterling silver and semi-precious stones.

Website: https://silverstarjewelry.com


Singing Bowl Sound & Craft

Booth: W619, W621

Antique singing bowls, Nepali jewelry and artifacts.

Website: http://www.bowlsound.com

Sino Arts

Booth: Main Entrance Registration

Minerals, gemstones, jewelry and semi-precious stone arts.

terahertz decor

Sophie Faith Corp.

Booth: W605, W607

Aquamarine, kunzite, turquoise, moonstone, pearls, crystals, larimar, beads & semi-precious stone beads.


Booth: E327

Supplying adhesive quality glues for repair, high gloss finishes, powder, stone inlays and more.

Website: https://www.starbond.com

Sunshine Wholesale Jewelry Inc.

Booth: W1

Wholesaler of fine jewelry and diamonds.


Sunwest Silver Co. Inc.

Booth: W300, W302, W304, W306, W308, W310

Silver jewelry, Native American jewelry set in sterling silver with turquoise, turquoise beads, cabs from famous turquoise mines and findings.

Website: https://www.sunwestsilver.com/

crafting Turquoise Finished

Super Time Int'l Corp.

Booth: W404, W406, W505, W507

Jewelry, findings, lampwork beads & gemstones.

Website: http://www.supertimebeads.com

crafting decor

Swedish Blue

Booth: W10

Handmade silver jewelry with Swedish blue stones.

Website: https://www.swedishbluejewelry.com/

The Boys Silver

Booth: W409, W411

Designer sterling silver jewelry from Mexico.


The Modern Antiquarian

Booth: W213, W215, W217

Vintage beads, chains, buttons and antique jewelry.

Website: http://www.beadsbysandy.com

crafting Finished

Tibet Craft Inc.

Booth: E417, E418

Tibetan jewelry, beads and handicrafts from Tibet.

Tikka Opals

Booth: W616

Lighting ridge, black opals from Australia.

crafting Finished gemstone

Twan Kee Co., Inc.

Booth: W11

14k and 18K fine jewelry, helenite jewelry, obsidianite jewelry, .925 sterling silver, rings, pendants, earrings, larimar, opals and semi-precious stones.

Website: http://www.twankeejewelry.com



Booth: E301-E304

Opal, sugilite, gem silica jewelry, historic American turquoise cabochons and rough materials.

Viet Gift

Booth: W419, W421

Vietnamese gifts, handicrafts and other jewelry.