Palm Springs List of Exhibitors 2022

Absolute Jewelry

Booth: 1325, 1327

Description: Handmade jewelry using precious and semi-precious materials made of sterling silver.

Location: Tucson, AZ


Addissea Gems LLC

Booth: 1026

Description: Ethiopian polished and rough opal.

Location: Seattle, WA

AF Silver Design LLC

Booth: 1234, 1236

Description: Blue amber, wood displays, jewelry, rings, earrings, pendants and .925 sterling silver jewelry.

Location: Hicksville, NY

African Earth Treasures LLC

Booth: 1444

Description: Malachite & citrine.

Location: Tucson, AZ


Al-Zuni Global Jewelry

Booth: 1229, 1231

Description: Sterling silver jewelry.

Location: Gallup, NM

Amber Seaside ("UAB Dalios Gintaras")

Booth: 1331

Description: Amber jewelry set in sterling silver, amber inclusions, amber beads, amber bracelets, amber necklaces, amber rosaries and amber souvenir stones.

Location: Klaipeda,



Booth: 1202, 1204

Description: Amber jewelry supplier and manufacturer featuring finished jewelry in gold and silver along with beads, decor and cameos.

Location: Studio City, CA


Arctic Jewelry / Swedish Blue

Booth: 1318

Description: Designer jewelry with natural Scandinavian gemstones

Location: Nesodden,


Aristya Silver Bali

Booth: 1226, 1228

Description: Distinctive silver jewelry inspired by the beauty of Bali, handmade by talented Balinese silver smiths.

Location: Claremont, CA



Booth: 1505

Description: One of a kind jewelry.

Location: Covina, CA


Arts Kingdom (Silver House)

Booth: 1233, 1235, 1237

Description: Silver jewelry and natural gemstones.

Location: S. El Monte, CA


Astrabrands USA

Booth: 1018

Description: High quality Swiss watches.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


Balaam Design

Booth: 1314

Description: Sterling silver, handcrafted designer jewelry.

Location: Clearwater, FL


Bart Gems Brazil

Booth: 1024

Description: Gemstones, beads, raw materials, and findings from Brazil.

Location: Belo Horizonte, MG

BB Zaveri LLC

Booth: 1334, 1336, 1338, 1433, 1435, 1437

Description: 925 sterling silver jewelry studded with gemstones

Location: Allen, TX


Bead Resources Corp.

Booth: 905, 906, 907, 908

Description: Semi-precious beads, findings, pearls, pendants, gemstones and bracelets.

Location: Fontana, CA


Best in Gems

Booth: 1122, 1120

Description: Loose gemstones, 14K gold rings, earrings, pendants semi-mounted and 14K gold findings.

Location: Dublin, OH


BlaireBe Jewelry

Booth: 1111

Description: 14K white and yellow gold jewelry, earrings, rings and necklaces.

Location: Tulsa, OK


Blue Lotus Collection

Booth: 1219, 1221, 1223

Description: Semi-precious stones in sterling silver.

Location: Loxahatchee, FL



Booth: 1211

Description: Semi-precious stones, gold and platinum jewelry, diamond jewelry

Location: New York, NY


Brazilian Bra Straps

Booth: 1431

Description: Sterling minimalist jewelry & bra straps.

Location: Clearwater, FL


Brilliant Design

Booth: 1022

Description: Fine jewelry and gemstones.

Location: Lake Forest, CA

Caroline C Collection Corp

Booth: 1107

Description: Award winning designer jewelry, one-of-a-kind jewelry, 18K gold and platinum jewelry, exclusive gemstones

Location: New York, NY


Chinese American Art Craft

Booth: 904

Description: Natural Burmese jade bracelets, necklaces, carvings and sculptures.

Location: El Cerrito, CA


Booth: 1423

Description: Sterling Silver and 14kt gold-fill jewelry

Location: Palm Springs, CA

Cole Core

Booth: 1340, 1342

Description: Onyx lamps, Nacar onyx wall art, blue calcite lamps, onyx bowls, custom chandeliers and lighting fixtures.

Location: Provo, UT


Commercial Mineral

Booth: 1117

Description: Jewelry, watches and gemstones.

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

D'Amati Fine Jewelry LLC

Booth: 1201, 1203


Location: New York, NY

Delicate Raymond Jewelry

Booth: 1032

Description: Handmade jewelry.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Designs by Alex Simkin

Booth: 1411

Description: Designer earrings in sterling silver and gold completed with precious and semi-precious stones.

Location: Davie, FL


Dine'h Native Arts

Booth: 1412

Description: Native American jewelry, turquoise jewelry, copper bracelets

Location: Maricopa, AZ


Booth: 1531

Description: Crystal & gemstone jewelry for people and pets.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Diva Jewels LLC

Booth: 1008, 1010

Description: 14K gold jewelry & silver fare jewelry.

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Doruk Silver Inc.

Booth: 1508

Description: .925 sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious gemstones for women and men.

Location: West Hollywood, CA


DS Gems Inc.

Booth: 1110

Description: Turquoise inspired by design and cut to perfection.

Location: Ridgewood, NJ


Ecolight Diamond NY Inc.

Booth: 1209

Description: Lab grown diamonds and jewelry.

Location: New York, NY


Ele International Inc.

Booth: 1518, 1520

Description: Fashion jewelry including crystals, natural stones, pearls, alloy, stainless steel necklaces, bracelets, bangles and more.

Location: Walnut, CA

Elite Fine Jewelry

Booth: 801, 802

Description: Fine jewelry and collections.

Location: Tempe, AZ


Ethio Star International LLC

Booth: 1016

Description: Ethiopian opals and Mediterranean corals.

Location: Saint Paul, MN

Fantasy Staffs

Booth: 1341

Description: Staffs and wands made of crystal, copper and shells. Some are made of flashlights.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Forever Silvers

Booth: 1430, 1432


Fossil Shack

Booth: Lobby

Description: Fossils and fossil decor.

Location: Salem, UT



Booth: 1217

Description: Diamonds, gemstones and jewelry.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Gems Parlor

Booth: 1108

Description: Fine minerals, cut stones, beryllium, and tourmaline from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Location: Fremont, CA


Geni Gem

Booth: 1014

Description: Opal, emerald, sapphire and tourmaline from Kenya, Tanzania, Kongo and Ethiopia.

Location: Lewiston, ME

Geo Fossils Africa, M'Rini Mohamed

Booth: 1144, 1146

Description: Rocks, minerals, crystals and fossils.

Location: Tucson, AZ


Booth: 1124

Description: Minerals and crystals.

Location: North Hills, CA


Booth: 1028

Description: All natural diamond fine jewelry.

Location: Los Angeles, CA



Booth: 1420, 1422, 1424, 1519, 1521, 1523

Description: Chains, findings, components and gemstone pendants.

Location: Los Angeles, CA



Booth: 1426, 1428, 1525, 1527

Description: Sterling silver jewelry with gemstones

Location: Portland, OR


Goldfinger Bros Jewelry

Booth: 1114, 1116, 1118

Description: 14k-18k and platinum finished jewelry with direct ruby supplies and all kinds of color stones.

Location: La Canada, CA

Grupo UH SA

Booth: 1206

Description: Silver inlay jewelry, Handmade jewelry from Peru set in sterling silver & designer jewelry.

Location: Lima,



Booth: 1344, 1346, 1445

Description: Minerals from Madagascar, Nigeria. Mozambique. Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Garnet, Lapis, Malachite and more.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hari Jewels

Booth: 1113, 1115

Description: 18KT gold studded with diamonds and gemstones.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Heart of the Mountain/Yardbuilders

Booth: 1134, 1136, 1138

Description: All things honeycomb calcite, home goods, wine rocks, lighted cylinders, whiskey stones and engraved slabs.

Location: Burnet, TX


High Karat LLC

Booth: 1126

Description: Antiques & vintage jewelry.

Location: Henderson, NV


Himalayan Essentials

Booth: 1440, 1442, 1539, 1541

Description: Silver jewelry with gemstones, cashmere scarves from Nepal.

Location: Laguna Hills, CA

Indian Touch of Gallup

Booth: 1509, 1507

Description: Native American & Southwestern jewelry and gifts, turquoise and knives.

Location: Gallup, NM


International Gems & Minerals, Inc.

Booth: 1414, 1416, 1418, 1513, 1515, 1517

Description: Jewelry, watches, gemstones, beads, cabochons, carvings, lapidary material

Location: Santa Clarita, CA


Investment Gems

Booth: 1225

Description: New color change Emperolite Diaspore and other rare, unique gemstones.

Location: Bethel, Alaska


Ita Crystals LLC

Booth: 1207

Description: High quality crystal pieces, lemurians, spheres, skull, cluster, polished, & natural points, rutile, amethyst and special rare specimens.

Location: San Diego, CA


Janu Gems

Booth: 1020

Description: Precious and semi-precious loose gemstones & beads, rare minerals and selective jewelry from a large range of inventory.

Location: Porterville, CA


Jewel Pledge

Booth: 1533, 1535, 1537, 1438

Description: Semi-precious stone beads, jewelry charms, fashion jewelry and sterling silver jewelry.

Location: Irwindale, CA


JP Pearl & Jewelry Inc.

Booth: 1129, 1131

Description: South sea, Tahitian, Akoya & Freshwater pearls.

Location: San Francisco, CA


JVW Enterprise LLC

Booth: 1538, 1540

Description: Fresh water pearls, seashell stones and silver jewelry.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Kalifano LLC

Booth: TBA

Description: Fossils, metal art, geodes, gifts and jewelry.

Location: Las Vegas, NV


Kameyab Imports Inc.

Booth: 1224, 1222, 1220

Description: Turquoise, lapis, rhodochrosite, Peruvian opal, chrysoprase, aquamarine, kyanite, amazonite and labradorite.

Location: Albuquerque, NM


Kegan Enterprises Inc.

Booth: 1238

Description: Gold sheen obsidian and other gemstones.

Location: Moorpark, CA

Kilim Company

Booth: 1528

Description: African beads and antiques.

Location: Santa Monica, CA

King's Beads

Booth: 2007, 2008

Description: Beads, silver findings and finished jewelry.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Klaus Enterprises

Booth: 1205

Description: Fine jewelry, platinum, antique

Location: Gainesville, 32606

L&V Native Designs


Description: Navajo Artist/designer with Native American jewelry.

Location: Rio Rancho, NM


La Malaquita Minerals

Booth: 1333, 1335, 1337

Description: Gemstones, Mexican arts and artifacts, malachite carvings, malachite from Kongo

Location: Lochbuie, CO

LA Nazar

Booth: 1532

Description: Good luck (evil eyes) jewelry, decor, religious icons and rosary bays.

Location: Sherman Oaks, CA



Booth: 1329

Description: Larimar and other stones.

Location: Vera Beach, FL

Let's Get Stoned Lapidary

Booth: 1343, 1345

Description: Handcrafted Trivets, hand polished petrified wood rounds, hand crafted spheres, moldavite, malachite specimens and various crystals.

Location: Apple Valley, CA

Lora's Treasures

Booth: 1526

Description: Handmade traditional beaded Ukrainian jewelry and polymer clay jewelry.

Location: Valley Village, CA


Luxe Art and Jewelry

Booth: 1128

Description: Fine gems & jewelry.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Luxor Imp & Exp Co.

Booth: 1104, 1102

Description: Color gemstones.

Location: Los Angeles,


Machu Picchu Jewelry

Booth: 1419, 1421

Description: Fashion jewelry, earrings, necklaces, anklets and bracelets.

Location: Los Angeles , CA


Madacrystals LLC

Booth: 1543, 1545

Description: All Madagascar minerals.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Madagascar Import Seam

Booth: 1037, 1039

Description: Minerals and fossils from Madagascar.

Location: Tucson, AZ


Maharaja Jewels

Booth: 1123, 1121, 1119

Description: Fine studded gold jewelry, antique & estate reproduction jewelry, high Karat jewelry and beads and findings.

Location: New York, NY


Majul & Co.

Booth: 1409, 1407

Description: Fine Mexican sterling silver jewelry.

Location: San Francisco, CA


Mak International Stones

Booth: 1215, 1213

Description: Sleeping beauty turquoise, Mediterranean coral beads and cabochons.

Location: Pasadena, CA

Mantra Fine Minerals

Booth: 1242

Description: Rocks, crystals and minerals.

Location: Orange, CA


Minas Cristas SWX LLC.

Booth: 1244, 1246

Description: Natural and polished crystals from Brazil.

Location: Sete Lagoas, Minas Gerals


Minerales Alpamayo

Booth: 1240

Description: Peruvian minerals, carvings, gems and home decor.

Location: Lima-06,


Moroccan Stones

Booth: 1446

Description: Minerals and fossils.


Booth: 902, 903

Description: Crystal jewelry, dichroic glass and silver jewelry.

Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco


MT Jewelry Mfg., Inc.

Booth: 1326, 1328

Description: Southwestern styled jewelry handcrafted in sterling silver and Native American jewelry.

Location: Albuquerque, NM


Mystic Creations LLC

Booth: 1434, 1436

Description: Gemstones, carvings and healing stones.

Location: Tucson, AZ



Booth: 1408, 1410

Description: Sterling silver jewelry with butterfly wings.

Location: Tucson, AZ


Nacre Designs

Booth: 1504, 1506

Description: Custom handmade buffalo horn jewelry and homey accessories with semi-precious stones, silver and gold diamonds.

Location: Dallas, TX


Natural Creations/Nature Crafts

Booth: 1214, 1216, 1218, 1313, 1315, 1317

Description: sterling silver jewelry studded with semiprecious stones

Location: Las Vegas, CA


Nature Designs

Booth: 1034, 1036, 1038, 1133, 1135, 1137

Description: Gemstone carvings, jewelry and crystals.

Location: Tucson, AZ


OM Imports Inc.

Booth: 1103

Description: Beads and different colored diamonds.

Location: New York, NY


One Kind Art, Inc.

Booth: 1227

Description: Silver and gold 18K jewelry with diamonds.

Location: Plantation, FL



Booth: 1101

Description: Fine jewelry and watches.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Pameer Gems and Jewelry

Booth: 1011

Description: Gemstones of all kinds, fine jewelry, aquamarine, tourmaline, gold jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones.

Location: Fremont, CA

Pamir Gems Co, Ltd. (Tolji Jewelry)

Booth: 1006

Description: High-end jewelry featuring colored gemstones.


Pandora's Box

Booth: 2001, 2002

Description: Unique Turkish jewelry, handicrafts, lamps, ceramics and textiles.

Location: Martinez, CA


Panizza Minerals LLC

Booth: 1030

Description: Amethyst, rocks, crystals and minerals.

Location: Miami, FL

Peru Minerals

Booth: TBA

Description: Pirate, chrysocolla, carvings and rhodochrosite minerals from Peru.

Petri Gems Inc.

Booth: 1105

Description: Diamonds and fine jewelry.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Precious Treasures

Booth: 1212, 1210, 1208, 1311, 1309, 1307

Description: Large selection of sterling silver jewelry with gemstones.

Location: Monroe, WA


Prestige Jewelry


Description: Fine jewelry with silver and gemstones.

Location: Fremont, CA

Rodrigo by Catalina

Booth: TBA

Description: High quality leather bags, bracelets and leather products.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


RPV International Trading LLC

Booth: 1406

Description: Bridge jewelry, 18K gold plated, Rhodium plated and Ag925 natural stones.

Location: Miami, FL



Booth: 900, 901

Description: Jewelry and handmade art.

Location: San Francisco, CA

S.Georgios Inc.

Booth: 1301

Description: Handmade Greek jewelry in gold and white gold with precious stones.

Location: Astoria, NY


Sai Brazil

Booth: 1316

Description: 18K gold plated jewelry, hand made in Brazil.

Location: Cortland, NY


Sam Davis Designs

Booth: 1312, 1310, 1308

Description: Finished silver jewelry, charms and silver chains.

Location: San Francisco, CA


Sanchi and Filia P. Designs

Booth: 1302, 1304, 1306, 1401, 1403, 1405

Description: Sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious stones.

Location: Las Vegas, NV


SevenSeas Impex

Booth: 1529

Description: Singing bowl and handicrafts.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

SG & ML International

Booth: 1127


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Shelter of the Sun

Booth: 1112

Description: 18K gold jewelry with Emeralds

Location: Bogota,


Silver Planet Inc

Booth: 1320, 1322, 1324

Description: Silver jewelry, pave diamonds & findings.

Location: New York, NY

Silver Star Jewelry

Booth: 1305, 1303

Description: Turquoise, opals, Larimar jewelry & knives.

Location: Albuquerque, NM


Silvercolors, Inc.

Booth: 1413, 1415, 1417

Description: Manufacturer and importer of genuine gemstones and .925 sterling silver jewelry.

Location: New Hyde Park, NY


Silvex Jewelry Inc.

Booth: 1230, 1232

Description: Manufacturer & importer of sterling silver jewelry.

Location: Henderson, NV


Singing Bowl Sound & Craft

Booth: 1439, 1441

Description: Singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, Himalayan Lemurian crystals and antique jewelry.

Location: Fletcher, NC


Special Concept 1020, Inc.

Booth: 1425

Description: Jewelry and watches.

Location: San Francisco, CA


Spencer Opal Mines

Booth: 1330

Description: Opal jewelry and products.

Location: Spencer, ID



Booth: 1139, 1141

Description: Onyx lamps, gem and mineral home decor

Location: Sedona, AZ

Starborn Creations

Booth: 1323, 1321, 1319

Description: Silver, gemstone jewelry, home decor, loose gems, fossils, mineral specimens and carvings.

Location: Sedona, AZ


Studio DF-Dominika Fraczkiewicz

Booth: 1429

Description: Handmade Amber & silver jewelry.

Location: Gdynia,


Sun Sales

Booth: 1530

Description: Fine jewelry.

Location: Claremont, CA


Sunshine Wholesale Jewelry Inc.

Booth: 1106

Description: Fine jewelry with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and tanzanite

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Sunwest Silver Co. Inc.

Booth: 1404, 1402, 1503, 1501

Description: Handmade Native American jewelry.

Location: Albuquerque, NM



Booth: 1511

Description: Native American Jewelry, turquoise, inlay jewelry, silver beads, san cast

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Tenzing J. Inc.

Booth: 1140, 1142

Description: Felt, jewelry, singing bowls and bags.

Location: El Sobrante, CA


The Cutter's Bench

Booth: 1109

Description: We facet high quality rough to fine gemstones.

Location: Corrales, NM

The Good Medicine Shop

Booth: 1130, 1132

Description: Specializing in high energy and extraterrestrial offerings including: meteorites, moldavite, phenakite, fossils, silver jewelry, gemstone carvings, and other hard to find materials. Canadian ammolite is one of our specialties.

Location: Sedona, AZ


Thee Ancients

Booth: 1339

Description: Polished fluorite and obsidian.

Location: Tucson, AZ


Tikka Opals

Booth: 1012

Description: Black lightning ridge opals from Australia.

Location: Jimboomba, QLD

Tops Fine Jewelry & Watches

Booth: 1002, 1004

Description: Loose diamonds, fine jewelry and watches.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Trans-Pacific USA

Booth: TBA

Description: Turquoise & gemstone beads.

Location: Fontana, CA


Turquoise Mountain

Booth: 1443

Description: Turquoise products and Italian coral items.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

USA Trade Inc.

Booth: 1013


West Rock Company

Booth: 2004, 2005

Description: Beads, cabs and carvings.

Location: Rosemead, CA


Booth: 1427

Description: Turquoise jewelry and stones.

Location: Circleville, UT

Wild Melody

Booth: 1332

Description: Silver jewelry and watches.

Location: Ketchikan, AK