Stone and Mineral Decor Pavilion

The JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry show has an amazing selection of stone and mineral decor, especially if you are looking for amethyst geodes and gemstone decorations. Our East Hall has many large exhibitors bringing in geodes, decor and gemstone specimens from around the world.


In the Stone and Mineral Decor Pavilion at JOGS you can find finished gemstone products, rough materials for decor purposes, sculptures, luxury fountains, stone and petrified wood furniture, onyx decorative home and kitchen decor, softly glowing onyx lamps, hand carved interior decorations from China, Madagascar, Brazil, Africa, and much more.


The Stone and Mineral Decor Pavilion also hosts some amazing finds every year. In past years, the Show has showcased a 13 foot tall amethyst cathedral geode, enormous orange citrine geodes, giant quartz slices, quartz geodes sliced in half to use as a table base, and a giant amethyst geode big enough to be a bathtub.