Jan 25-Feb 5, 2023
Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show
Tucson Expo Center

May 29-Jun 1, 2023
Las Vegas Gem & Jewelry Show
The Mirage Casino

Tucson Fall Show Info *Dates Subject to Change.

JOGS Tucson Show Buyer’s Survival Guide

The tips listed below are not mandatory, more so advice to make your buying experience easier

  • Make a wish list. Write down all things you hope to find, so you don’t forget by the time the show happens
  • Bring cash. Some Tucson dealers offer cash discounts, a few dealers may deal with cash only
  • Call your credit card company before you are going to the show and let them know that you are planning to make some purchases, so they will not “freeze“ your account for your security reasons. If you are a buying wholesale, bring a few copies of your state resale license (sellers permit)
  • Bring extra business cards since dealers will ask for them to make your order ready or hold it for you
  • Bring some stickers with your company name, address and a phone number printed out, so sellers can stick them on your invoice (you can even have your resale certificate number printed on the stickers ). It will save a lot of time for you and exhibitors
  • Bring a small scale and calculator with you. You can use it for checking the weight and proximate price of some stones or jewelry if it is sold by weight – you will not have to wait for the salesperson and ask them to check each piece for you
  • Walk around the whole show before you start buying. Check prices, make notes and look around. Some vendors might have similar merchandise
  • Decide on your budget. Put aside some extra funds for the items you were not planning to buy. You might find new ideas and trends
  • After making your purchase, check if you have your receipts, resale license, credit card(s) and merchandize
  • Always put your wallet and credit card(s) at the same place(designate a pocket in your bag or purse). It will be time consuming
  • Bring a dark sharpie pen. You will need it to mark prices on the plastic bags
  • Bring a checkbook and cash. Some international dealers are not accepting credit cards. Ask them if they can accept your credit card using their company’s PayPal account
  • Put dealer’s business card in the bag with merchandise you have purchased from them. It will help you later to remember whom you bought your merchandise from, make some notes right on their business cards about their product and prices for future reference
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Wear layers, weather changes rapidly
  • Rent your car prior arriving to Tucson to get lower prices for rentals
  • Bring a sample of your cut stones if you are trying to match them (colors or shapes)
  • Write down and have a list of the dealers with their booth numbers where you have to return to pick up your merchandise at a later time
  • Check the amount of the bags in your order with your invoice to make sure that your orders/invoice matches
  • Register online and order your badges for the Show prior arrival to save your time
  • Check the merchandise you are buying especially if it is closeouts. Make sure that beads have the right size of the holes, that the holes are drilled straight. Ask the dealer about the quantity of the certain beads or findings – if they are going to have them available later in case you need to reorder this particular design.
  • Bring a magnifying glass if you are buying a cut stones
  • If you are buying a heavy stones bring a bag with a wheels to carry your merchandise
  • Pick up a free directory and show guide to plan your next day shopping
  • Write down your UPS or FedEx account number if you are planning to ship some of your purchases right away from the Show (shipping companies are present on Show site)