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Tucson Jewelry Design Award Competition

WARNING: This contest is not currently live. Thank you! – JOGS Team

Attention Jewelry Enthusiasts!
JOGS Gem & Jewelry Show announces a new and exciting call for entries!

Do you have an unbridled passion for gemstones and a matching enthusiasm for designing and creating jewelry? Are you committed to Artistry, Craftsmanship, and Design Excellence in jewelry? Do you handcraft your own stunning works of gem and jewelry art? Do you want to be recognized for your talent and have a chance to win an exciting prize?


Enter the brand-new Tucson Jewelry Design Award Competition for 2018

Everyone who knows jewelry knows that the Tucson Gem Week is an important event for discovering all of the latest trends in the gem and jewelry industry. For decades, the many shows held in Tucson have attracted millions of visitors, and each winter more than 60,000 key buyers and jewelry industry professionals from all over the world attend this annual event.

Tucson has become the epicenter for jewelers, designers, miners, and gem hunters looking to buy and sell unique materials, gemstones, and jewelry. This new Tucson Jewelry Design Award Competition promises to be the best place to showcase and reward the amazing talent of the best creators and rising stars of the gem and jewelry community.

This competition is open to all handcrafted jewelry artisans, whether international or based in the U.S., and everyone at every level is encouraged to enter for their chance to gain valuable exposure and publicity and to possibly win the incredible Grand Prize!

Prizes and Awards

  • The Grand Prize winner (US contestants only) will receive Free travel and lodging to Tucson, AZ during the 2018 Awards Celebration at the JOGS Gem and Jewelry Show for a total of two nights. They will also receive one free registration for any jewelry-making class taught by an award-winning instructor and offered by during the 12 months following the awards ceremony
  • Gift certificates in the amounts of $1,000 (Grand Prize) or $500 (Second place) or $250 (Third place). All winners and finalists will receive a framed certificate featuring a photo of the winning entry and announcing status as a Tucson Design Award finalist.
  • All finalists will be featured in a written article about them and their art form to be included in the full color 2018 JOGS Tucson Show Guide and promoted on social media by JOGS. Promotion of the winning pieces through a variety of media and industry publications, including display in an exclusive gallery at the JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show in 2018 will also be included.

How to Enter

  1. Choose a category for your work from the list below
  2. Ensure your entry meets all of the category rules
  3. Have 3 photos of the correct specifications (see rules) ready to upload for each entry
  4. Compose a description of your work (2,000 character limit) that includes the dimensions of the work, materials used, techniques employed, and main inspiration. Please list the name of the photographer as required.
  5. Be ready with a credit card or PayPal to register each submission.

Designers are free to use whatever materials are necessary per their selected category, and to create their own unique vision. The finished jewelry item may be cast, assembled, forged, fabricated, or made using any combination of these techniques.

2018 Tucson Jewelry Design Award Categories

Category 1: Modern Gemstone Jewelry

Contestants are asked to present creative jewelry designs in metal using natural gemstones as the focus. The jewelry object must be hand fabricated; no CAD, renderings, printed pieces or drawings, please. The primary metal used in the jewelry design must be fall into one of the following subcategories:

  • A) Gold, Platinum, Palladium
  • B) Fine Silver, Sterling or Argentium Silver
  • C) Alternative Metals: Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, Steel
  • D) Metal Clay of any brand or metal

Category 2: Up-Cycled or Re-Imagined Jewelry

Contestants should use found and/or recycled materials along with vintage or antique items such as metal, wood, ceramic, glass and gemstones to fabricate a unique and new design. Contestants must specify what specific recycled/vintage materials were used in their written entry description.

Category 3: Mixed-Media Jewelry

Contestants may use any materials not specified in Category 2 such as pigment, paper, leather, cardboard, vinyl, plastics, polymer clay and textiles. Contestants must specify what specific materials were used in their written entry description.

Category 4: Beaded Jewelry

Contestants must use hand-strung beads of any material such as glass, stone, ceramic, man-made materials, wood or other organics as the main material in the work. The main assembly method of the beaded jewelry design must be entered into one of the following subcategories:

  • A) Seed beads only
  • B) Stone or Organic material beads
  • C) Glass beads (no seed beads)
  • D) Man-made beads (plastics, resin, polymers, etc.)

Category 5: Objects of Art

Carvings, sculptures, stone décor, and other indoor or outdoor art made predominately from gemstones are all welcome in this category.

Our Judges

The judges of the 2018 Tucson Jewelry Design Award competition will bring a broad range of perspectives from their various areas of expertise across the jewelry industry. Our panel ranges from accomplished and respected bench jewelers, jewelry designers, and authors, and each member of the team is an expert in their craft.

Our judges will select the winning competition entries based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity and uniqueness of design
  • The wearability of the piece (if applicable)
  • The quality of craftsmanship
  • Innovative use of materials
  • Harmony and cohesiveness

All Entries Must Include

  • The registration fee for each design entry: Adults: $35; Students (under age 21, requires student ID): $18.
  • Contestants must submit three JPEG, JPG or PNG format high-resolution photographs per entry. White backgrounds only.
  • Each entry must include one shot each of the front and the back of the entire design and one shot of the workmanship in detail for a total of three shots per piece.
  • The name or title of design
  • A brief Description (300 word limit) including the concept for the work, materials used, techniques employed, and the main inspiration plus any specific details as required in the individual category descriptions.
  • Do not include a company or personal name, maker’s mark, logo, or any other identifying information within the photos or within the written description of the work.


  • The 2017 Tucson Design Award competition begins at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on August 1, 2017. All participants should submit their final entries before October 31, 2017.
  • All entries (except for the Objects of Art category) must be wearable or ornamental jewelry
  • Each entry must be composed predominantly of the material specified in the chosen category/subcategory
  • The artist agrees to submit only original, fresh and recently completed designs. The submitted pieces cannot have won an award in any other competition, and the entry cannot have been created prior to January 1, 2016.
  • Only one piece of jewelry or one art object is allowed per entry.
  • Contestants may enter as many pieces as they would like. Please follow the registration and entry process for each submission individually.
  • No purchase is required to enter this competition.
  • Winners of the 2018 Tucson Design Award competition agree to insure and ship the winning piece to JOGS headquarters during December 2017 for gallery display and additional photography for finalist and winner certificates
  • Any designs including endangered animal materials will be rejected, including all forms of live-mammal ivory.
  • The artist/designer must be the copyright holder and owner of the design entry and by entering this competition grants the JOGS Gem and Jewelry Show permission to photograph the work and also to use the submitted photos in whatever manner JOGS decides to promote the show, the work, and the artist, including print, social media and other promotions.
  • The artist further grants JOGS show permission to use the artist’s name and likeness to further promote the show and/or the artist in whatever media necessary.