Advertising & Sponsorship at our Winter Show

Tucson Show Guide

The JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show Guide will expose your company to tens of thousands of qualified buyers who are looking for new products, great prices, exciting artists, unique resources and innovative ideas. The Show guide is a comprehensive booklet measuring 8.5in x 5.5in featuring advertisements by JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show Exhibitors and JOGS affiliates. The JOGS Show Guide will be used as a year-round resource to find and connect to exhibiting companies who participate at the JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show.

*Ad placement on first come – first served basis

Ad SizePrice
2 Full Pages SPECIAL DEAL$2,000.00
 Full Page Ad (8.5 in x 5.5 in)$1,200.00.00
 1/2 Page $600
 1/4 Page $300.00
 1/8 Page $150.00

JOGS Indoor/Flag Banner Ad

Vertical signs will be hung from the ceiling placed in high-traffic walkways of the Show
First-come first-service basis – order early!

Ad SizePrice
 Horizontal indoor 20ft by 5ft $1,500.00
 Horizontal indoor 10ft by 3ft $1,000.00
 Vertical indoor 2ft by 7ft $500.00
 Vertical indoor stand 2ft by 7ft $800.00
 Flag Banner 2ft by 6ft $300.00

Exhibit Showcase/Tower Case Displays


 AD TypePrice
 Launching Pad $200.00
 Tower Case $500.00

The launching pad and tower case are jewelry showcases set aside to exhibit exceptional products. The launching pads and tower cases are placed in a high-traffic areas during the show.
*Limited availability

Outdoor Billboards

Ad SizePrice
 Horizontal 15ft by 5ft $1,500.00

*Limited availability

Front Entrance Banners

Located in the front of the main entrance. Call for Availability

Ad TypeAd SizePrice
 Vertical Front Entrance Billboard 2ft by 7ft $1,500.00
 Vertical Front Entrance Billboard 3ft by 7ft $1,600.00
 Vertical Front Entrance Billboard 2ft by 3.5ft $800.00

JOGS Digital Display – Registration Area

A 55 inch electronic display will be placed behind the registration counter at the Main Entrance of the show where all attendees will register or check-in. Our JOGS TV Advertisement will run during show hours. Great opportunity to showcase products and send buyers to your booths.


 Ad TypeTV SizePrice
 JOGS TV Display Р1920px by 1080px 55 inch Display$500.00

Buyer’s Newsletter Advertisement

Our JOGS newsletters are a perfect way to advertise, promote and showcase your company’s products prior to the show.

Drive traffic to your company’s website by providing a link to your website along with a maximum of 350 text characters and one 200px by 200px product image or company logo.

Great way to promote new product lines and special deals, increase traffic to your booth and build business contacts prior to the show.

Reach More than 40,000 Tucson buyers directly!

Standard image and ad specifications

File format accepted: JPEG
Max image size: 200px by 200px

Price $350.00 each newsletter

Newsletter campaigns will run:
November, December and January

Online Banner Advertising

Online advertising on the JOGS Show website is the best way to keep your business in touch world-wide.

Advertise on JOGS Show website to:

  • Reach thousands of potential customers
  • Direct traffic to your website
  • Introduce new product lines and specials
 Ad Size Price
 700px by 90px $600.00/month
 225px by 225px $450.00/month
 360px by 70px $350.00/month
 225px by 150px $320.00/month
 225px by 90px $250.00/month


* Banner placement is based on a first come first serve basis.


Online Showcase

Showcase your products and company on for buyers to see all year round. Showcases are ideal for exhibitors who have fantastic products photos, and do not require a designer. They can be linked to your website, online store or JOGS profile with photos.
Price $350.00 per month

* Showcase placement is based on a first come first serve basis.

Indoor Banner Billboard

Your company banner along with your booth number will be posted upon our pillars in the main walkway.

* Banner placement is based on a first come first serve basis, Limited Availability

 Ad Size Price
 4ft x 2ft $500.00 each

Full Product Showcase

Display your companies products in a beautiful showcase located right at the registration in the main show entrance.

TypeShowcase DimensionsPrice
Half-Shelf1.5ft x 1.3ft x 6.5ft$300.00
Full-Shelf1.5ft x 1.3ft x 6.5ft$600.00

Free Social Media Exposure

With JOGS Social Media exposure your company will benefit from free Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest promotion made by JOGS Marketing Department, which will introduce your company to thousands of our JOGS Show subscribers among professional jewelry industry. We have over 10,000 likes on our Facebook page alone.



Moving Billboard

The moving billboard is our top recognized outdoor advertising during the large Tucson Show. Our mobile billboard will operate during JOGS 12 day Gem and Jewelry Show. It will give you the best possible exposure among Tucson Show guests. Our primary goal is to deliver your message to the Tucson Show buyers. The moving billboard will be driven around all the Tucson Gem and Jewelry Event during 12 day Show. * Call for Availability
 Ad SizePrice
 5ft by 6ft $1,000.00


JOGS TV/Youtube Channel

The JOGS video presentation on JOGS TV Channel will make the difference in the viewer perception of what is important to know about your product lines and your company in general. It is a great way to introduce yourself to our JOGS TV Channel subscribers on Youtube and Vimeo.



Main Show Directory Banner

Display your companies ad on our 30ftx8ft banner located in the front registration area at the show.
Call for Availability
 Small Ad $250.00

How to Order Advertising