Ace Findings and Gems

Booth: W500, W502, W601, W603

Description: Sterling silver, gold-filled products, findings, gemstones, necklaces and jewelry.

Location: Portland, OR

AF Silver Design LLC

Booth: E521, E522, E523, E524

Description: Blue amber, wood displays, jewelry, rings, earrings, pendants and .925 sterling silver jewelry.

Location: Hicksville, NY

Afghan Gem & Jewelry

Booth: E154, E156

Description: Lapis beads, sculptures & rough jewelry.

Location: Citrus Heights, CA

Amber Alex-Lithuania

Booth: W301, W303

Description: Amber jewelry, amber beads, amber strands, cabochons, tumbled stones and .925 jewelry.

Location: Palanga,



Booth: W408, W410

Description: Amber jewelry supplier and manufacturer featuring finished jewelry in gold and silver along with beads, decor and cameos.

Location: Studio City, CA


Ammolite World

Booth: W421

Description: Natural ammolite gemstones and fossils from Canada.

Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario


Another Time & Place

Booth: E313-E316

Description: Beautiful sterling silver Turkish jewelry.

Location: Plano, TX

Arsaa Gems and Minerals

Booth: E407, E408

Description: Mineral specimens including: aquamarine, tourmaline, topaz, epidote, kunzite, rough stones, peridot, scapolite, ruby, sapphire, stone pendants and crystals.

Location: Peshawar, KP


Arthur Gem and Jewellery Co.

Booth: E608-E614

Description: Gemstones and silver jewelry. Round beads, oval cabochons, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants.

Location: Kowloon,


Arts Kingdom (Silver House)

Booth: W324, W326

Description: Silver jewelry and natural gemstones.

Location: S. El Monte, CA


Asian Imports LLC

Booth: E317, E318, E319, E320

Description: Beads, lapis and Roman glass.

Location: Tucson, AZ

Ayuna & Narada Silver

Booth: W609, W611

Description: Bali handcrafted silver jewelry.

Location: Gianyar, Bali


AZ Industrial Lasers, LLC

Booth: W401

Description: Laser engraving machines and laser engraving services.

Location: Tucson, AZ


Balaam Design

Booth: W5

Description: Sterling silver handcrafted designer jewelry.

Location: Clearwater, FL


Bali Designs Inc.

Booth: N15, N16, N17

Description: Sterling silver jewelry, beads and findings.

Location: Dallas, TX


Bart Gems Brazil

Booth: S15, S16

Description: Brazilian gemstones, cut stones, emerald, Paraiba tourmaline, topaz, aquamarine and morganite.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


BB Zaveri LLC

Booth: E517, E518, E519, E520

Description: .925 sterling silver jewelry studded with semi-precious stones. Designer silver jewelry, gold plated silver jewelry and larimar jewelry.

Location: Allen, TX

Bead Resources Corp.

Booth: W216-W226

Description: Gemstone beads, pendants and pearls.

Location: Fontana, CA


Big Blue International

Booth: W403, W405

Description: Raw coral materials, cabs and jewelry.

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

BisouLovely Jewelry Inc.

Booth: W719

Description: Sterling silver and solid gold jewelry made with synthetic, semi-precious and precious stones.

Location: Toronto, ON


BlaireBe Jewelry

Booth: W14

Description: 14K white and yellow gold jewelry, earrings, rings, and necklaces.

Location: Tulsa, OK


Blue Lotus Collection

Booth: W315, W317

Description: 14K gold jewelry with gemstones and silver jewelry with gemstones.

Location: Loxahatchee, FL


BMG Gems & Jewelry

Booth: W8

Description: Manufacturer of semi-precious stones, importer & exporter of aquamarine, amethyst and citrine.

Location: New York, NY


Briliant Design

Booth: W7

Description: Unique precious gemstones and fine jewelry.

Location: Chandler, AZ

BSS Jewelry

Booth: W919, W921, W820, W822

Description: Artisan sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious gemstones. Including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings along with spin ring collection.

Location: Princeton, NJ

C & I International

Booth: W716-W817, W720-W821, W724-W825

Description: Silver, beads and pendants.

Location: Hempstead, NY

CCA Industries, Inc.

Booth: E417

Description: Lobe miracle ear patches that help protect the ears from heavy earrings jewelry.

Location: Little Ferry, NJ


Chaney's Turquoise Direct

Booth: W10

Description: Rare natural American Turquoise and fine handmade Native American jewelry since 1972.

Location: Rio Rancho, NM


Chanmel Gems Ceylon (PVT) LTD.

Booth: TBA

Description: High quality precious and semi-precious gemstones, jewelry, minerals & crystals.

Location: Ratnapura,


Chinese American Art Craft

Booth: E8

Description: Natural jadeite necklaces and bracelets.

Location: El Cerrito, CA


Booth: S17

Description: We design and make sterling silver and 14kt gold filled jewelry in our studio.

Location: Palm Springs, CA

Classic Jewelers

Booth: TBA

Description: Fine jewelry, diamonds, colored stones, gold and silver jewelry.

Location: Anaheim Hill, CA


Corazón, Sterling Silver from Taxco

Booth: W6

Description: Handmade fine sterling silver from the artisan community of Taxco, Mexico.

Location: Elkhart, IN


Crystal Balanced

Booth: E501, E502

Description: Healing crystals from around the world, handmade energy jewelry and earth alchemy.

Location: San Diego, CA

Crystal Gems and International

Booth: E401, E402, E403, E404, E406

Description: Rocks and mineral carvings.

Location: Novato, CA

D.C. Inc.

Booth: W2

Description: Fine jewelry with a focus on color gems set in 18K + 14K gold with diamond accents.

Location: Honolulu, HI

David St. Bazaar

Booth: W219, W221

Description: Jewelry made out of silver and Jerusalem stones and glass.

Location: Suwanee, GA

Designs by Alex Simkin

Booth: N18

Description: Designer earrings in sterling silver.

Location: Davie, FL


Dine'h Native Arts

Booth: W520

Description: Native American jewelry, turquoise jewelry and copper bracelets.

Location: Maricopa, AZ

Dorjee Design Inc.

Booth: E309, E310, E311, E312

Description: Silver ethnic jewelry from Nepal and Tibet.

Location: Euless, TX

Elite Fine Jewelers

Booth: C2

Description: fine jewelry, certified diamonds, luxury watches, vintage and estate jewelry, fine gemstone jewelry, dealer closeouts and custom jewelry.

Location: Tempe, AZ


Fashion Jewelry LA

Booth: W11, W12

Description: Fashion jewelry, gold-filled and sterling silver jewelry.

Location: Pacific Palisades, CA


Fivestar Jewelry

Booth: W915, W917

Description: Silver, .925 stud earrings and dream-catcher jewerly.

Location: Albuquerque, NM


GD Colors Inc.

Booth: S18

Description: Semi-precious and precious gemstone beads, diamonds, diamond beads and metal findings.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Gems Parlor

Booth: W3

Description: Fine minerals, cutstones, beryllium, and tourmaline from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Location: Fremont, CA


Gemstone & Co. Ltd.

Booth: E307, E308

Description: Animal carvings, turquoise and jade.

Location: Rosemead, CA

Gemstones & Jewellery International

Booth: East Hall

Description: Rough emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, fossils, crystals and meteorites from Papua, Guinea.

Location: Goroka, Eastern Highlands Pr.

Geo Fossils Africa

Booth: E101-E113

Description: Moroccan rocks, minerals, crystals and fossils.

Location: Tucson, AZ

Gerard Pope

Booth: Custom

Description: Fine cut gemstones and tarnish resistant sterling jewelry.

Location: Tucson, AZ

Global Century Pvt. Ltd.

Booth: E418

Description: Nepali handmade jewelry, silver, metal and coral etc.

Location: Kathmandu,



Booth: E513-E516, E413-E416

Description: Designer chains, cabs and free-form gemstones, findings, electroformed leaves and stones, replicas of ancient Greek, Roman and other coins, crystals and minerals.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Grupo UH SA

Booth: W322

Description: .950 silver inlay jewelry, semiprecious stones and sea shells.

Location: Lima, Miraflores


Guinea IP

Booth: E135, E158

Description: Minerals from Madagascar, Nigeria. Mozambique. Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Garnet, Lapis, Malachite and more.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hercules Gems LLC

Booth: E5

Description: Precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Location: Teofilo, Otoni

Himalayan Essentials

Booth: W624, W626, W723, W725

Description: Sterling silver jewelry.

Location: Mission Viejo, CA


Booth: E6

Description: Sapphires, rubies, tourmaline and opals.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Indian Touch of Gallup

Booth: W213, W215, W217

Description: Native American jewelry and turquoise jewelry.

Location: Gallup, NM


Infinity Gems & Jewels Inc.

Booth: S14

Description: Semi-precious and precious gemstone beads and cabochons, .925 sterling silver and gemstone jewelry.

Location: Bergenfield, NJ

International Gems & Minerals Inc.

Booth: W709-W714

Description: Wholesale beads, sterling silver jewelry, gift items, minerals and cut stones.

Location: Santa Clarita, CA


J&M Gems

Booth: W504, W506

Description: Philippine water buffalo horn & bone shells, pendants, chains and wooden beads.

Location: Totowa, NJ


JAA Silver

Booth: W419

Description: Italian silver and Bali handmade silver with genuine stones, Bali authentic silver chains and bracelets.

Location: Toronto, Ontario


Jallow and Brothers

Booth: E9

Description: Tourmaline, rubies, saphires, aquamarine and specimens from Congo.

Location: Tana, Itoasy

Janu Gems

Booth: E409, E410, E411, E412

Description: Precious and semi-precious loose gemstones & beads, rare minerals, and selective jewelry from a large range of inventory.

Location: Porterville, CA


Jennifer Gems

Booth: W810, W812, W814

Description: Natural gemstones, beads, rough stones, different kinds of charms, chains, necklaces, bracelets and fossils.

Location: San Francisco, CA

JVW Enterprise LLC

Booth: E321, E322, E323, E324

Description: Fresh water pearls, sea shells stones, and silver jewelry.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Kameyab Imports

Booth: W916,W918, W920, W922, W924, W926

Description: Turquoise, lapis, larimar, rhodochrosite, peruvian opal, kayanite, chrysophrase, and much more.

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Website: ,

Kathmandu Treasure

Booth: W605, W607

Description: Silver jewelry, handicrafts, gold and healing bowls.

Location: Pomona, CA

LA Gemshop

Booth: W809, W811, W813

Description: Brazillian crystals and imports.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

La Malaquita Minerals and Mexican Arts

Booth: E7

Description: Wholesale malachite from the Democratic Republic of Congo. We specialize in animal carvings, jewelry boxes home décor, bowls, tumbled, free form, slabs, spheres, pyramids, eggs, and worry stones. We also carry obsidian Mexican inspired carvings.

Location: Lochbuie, CO

Mada Crystals LLC

Booth: E164, E141

Description: Madagascar crystals and other raw materials.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Majul & Co.

Booth: W424, W426

Description: Fine Mexican sterling silver jewelry.

Location: San Francisco, CA


Mak International Stones

Booth: W416, W418

Description: Natural turquoise, coral cabochons and beads.

Location: Pasadena, CA

Mexican Minerals Co.

Booth: E405

Description: Specimens from Mexico and Amber.

Location: Tucson, AZ

Minerales Alpamayo

Booth: E10

Description: Peruvian minerals, pyrite, rhodochrosite rough, cabochon, carving stones, carvings and handcrafts.

Location: Lima,


Momeni Gallery

Booth: W522

Description: Turquoise, cabochons, rough lapis, color stones and handmade rugs.

Location: Santa Fe, NM


Booth: W509, W511

Description: Crystal jewelry, dichroic glass and silver jewelry.

Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco


MRH Naina Marikar & Sons

Booth: W4

Description: Wholesaler of jewelry and gemstones.

Location: Colombo,


Booth: W9

Description: Silver jewelry with natural wings of butterflies.

Location: Tucson, AZ


Nadri Gems Inc.

Booth: E505-E508, E509-E512

Description: Manufacturer & wholesaler of all kinds of freeform cabochons, beads and polished stones.

Location: Tucson, AZ

Natural Creations

Booth: W909-W913, W910-W914

Description: Sterling silver jewelry studded with semi-precious stones.

Location: Las Vegas, NV


Nature Designs

Booth: E600-E605

Description: Gemstone carvings, jewelry and crystals.

Location: Tucson, AZ


Neotric Gems Inc.

Booth: W508, W510

Description: Loose colored stones, precious & semiprecious, 22K gold and diamond jewelry.

Location: McKinney, TX

New Century Int'l Wholesale Inc.

Booth: W309, W311, W313

Description: Pendants, chains, findings, glassbeads, gemstone beads and pearl.

Location: Norcross, GA

OM Imports Inc.

Booth: E504

Description: Beads and different colored diamonds.

Location: New York, NY



Booth: W13

Description: Fine jewelry and watches.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Pandora's Box LLC

Booth: E503

Description: Gemstones, precious and semi-precious, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and tourmalines.

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Pandoras Box

Booth: TBA

Description: Turkish lamps, evil eyes jewelry, ceramics, clothing and accessories.

Location: Martinez, CA


PG Stones

Booth: W824, W826, W923, W925

Description: Semi-precious beads and findings.

Location: Rowland Hills, CA

Precious Treasures

Booth: W516, W518, W615, W617

Description: Sterling silver and artisan jewelry with gemstones.

Location: Lynwood, WA


Queenly Global

Booth: W600-W612

Description: Gemstones, pearls, beads, cabs, spiny shells and fine gems.

Location: Dallas, TX


Red Shell

Booth: W305, W307

Description: Spiny oyster shells, jewelry, rugs and baskets.

Location: Gallup, NM


Reventia Sterling Designs

Booth: W721

Description: Artisan .925 sterling silver jewelry and stone jewelry.

Location: La Mesa, CA


Rodrigo by Catalina

Booth: W223

Description: High quality leather bags, bracelets and leather products.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Saffordite AZ Agate

Booth: E3, E4

Description: Saffordite,peridot, Arizona mines, minerals, fire agate and crystals.

Location: Safford, AZ

Sanchi and Filia P Designs

Booth: W415, W417, W316, W318

Description: Sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious stones.

Location: Las Vegas, NV


Select Lines Jewelry

Booth: W319, W321, W323

Description: Native American Indian & Southwest jewelry and Italian silver chains.

Location: Denver, CO


Silver Magic

Booth: W620, W622

Description: Native American and Southwestern style jewelry, sterling silver and tuquoise inlay.

Location: Albuquerque, NM


Silver Planet Inc.

Booth: W524, W526, W623, W625

Description: Silver jewelry with semi-precious stones, inlays and chains.

Location: NY, NY

Silver Star Jewelry

Booth: W715, W717, W616, W618

Description: Sterling silver jewelry with Turquoise, inlay, Native American and handmade.

Location: Albuquerque, NM


Silver Universe

Booth: S13

Description: Silver jewelry and gemstones.

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Silvercolors Inc.

Booth: W404, W406, W505, W507

Description: Importer & wholesaler of genuine gemstone studded .925 sterling silver jewelry.

Location: New Hyde Park, NY


Silvex Jewelry Inc.

Booth: W423, W425

Description: Designer & manufacturer of silver jewelry and stones.

Location: Henderson, NV


Sino Arts & Crafts MFG. Co.

Booth: W816, W818

Description: Minerals, gemstones, jewelry and semi-precious stone arts.

Location: Hunghom, Kowloon

Som's International

Booth: W515, W517

Description: Sterling silver jewelry and designer jewelry.

Location: Odessa, FL


Sunny's Concepts

Booth: W407

Description: Stainless steel jewelry for men and women.

Location: Moreno Valley, CA


Sunshine Wholesale Jewelry Inc.

Booth: W1

Description: Fine jewelry and diamonds.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Sunwest Silver Co.

Booth: W300, W302, W304, W306, W308, W310

Description: Native American jewelry set in sterling silver with turquoise, silver jewelry, production jewelry and artisan jewelry, turquoise beads, cabs from famous turquoise mines and findings.

Location: Albuquerque, NM


Tamayo's Opals & Obsidians

Booth: E11

Description: Mexican fire opal, fire agate and opal jewelry.

Location: Trenton, SC

Tenzing J. Inc.

Booth: W619, W621

Description: Felt, jewelry and singing bowls.

Location: El Sobrante, CA


The Boys Silver

Booth: W409, W411

Description: Designer sterling silver jewelry.

Location: Miami Beach, FL


The Good Medicine Shop

Booth: W420, W422, W519, W521

Description: Moldavite, meteorites, Libyan desert tektite, fine gemstone carvings, shungite, phenakite, ammolite, Canadian ammonites and other rarities.

Location: Tucson, AZ


The Rock Zone

Booth: E421, E422

Description: Obsidian, carvings, cabs, onyx bowls, lamps, shells, sage, mineral & specimens.

Location: Tucson, AZ

The Turquoise Mustang

Booth: E419, E420

Description: Western style sterling turquoise jewelry of our own brand, wholesale.

Location: Viera, FL


Tikka Opals

Booth: W320

Description: Black lightning ridge opals from Australia.

Location: Jimboomba, QLD

Tosco Int'l

Booth: E12

Description: Manufacturer of gemstones.

Location: New York, NY

Turquoise Mountain

Booth: E423, E424

Description: Beads, cabs and jewelry.

Location: Phoenix, AZ


Viet Gift

Booth: W523, W525

Description: Vietnamese gifts and handicrafts.

Location: San Jose, CA

Whatever Shine

Booth: E166-E168

Description: Fashion jewelry, accessories and beads.

Location: Renton, WA

White Mount Gems

Booth: W400, W402

Description: Pendants, bracelets and decoration pieces.

Location: Sacramento, CA


Wingo Ind.

Booth: W501, W503

Description: We specialize in sterling silver and gold filled findings, Italian chains by foot, wires, semi precious stones, genuine gemstone beads and closed out beads.

Location: Portland, OR