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Smith Minerals

Booth: E409

Dates: January 26 – February 6, 2022

Product Description: Mainly new finds that very few have seen, from precious opals from my own discovery’s, clear leuco garnets and shillar diopside from another of my own finds. Feldspar sphene phantom quartz. Scepters, fossils, volcanically melted agates, black jades with pyrite inclusions from another of my discovery’s. Turquoise and variscite rough and cut, serpentine with pyrite, giant black opal pieces with white mixes dendritic. A variety of precious facets like alexanderite not synthetic. Large high value precious opal cabs. Some finished jewelry. Plus a few more pages of materials I have.

Address: 189 Country Rd.
Fernley, NV 89408, USA

Website: http://ebay:9393_smith