Tucson Gem Show Survival Guide

Tucson Gem Show Survival Guide – 30 Tips

1.   If you are buying wholesale, bring a few copies of your state resale license (sellers permit)
2.   Bring extra business cards since dealers will ask for them to prepare your order or hold it for you.
3.   Consider bringing stickers with your company details to save time and for dealers’ convenience.
4.   Carry a small scale and calculator for checking weights and prices of items sold by weight.
5.   Survey the entire show before buying to compare prices and quality.
6.   Set a budget and allocate extra funds for unexpected purchases.
7.   Notify your credit card company before shopping to prevent account issues.
8.   Always keep your important items in the same place for easy access.
9.   Bring a dark sharpie pen to mark prices on plastic bags.
10. Bring a checkbook and cash for dealers who don’t accept credit cards.
11. Wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers for varying temperatures.
12. Carry a shoulder bag or cross-strap purse for convenience and safety.
13. Rent your car prior to arriving in Tucson to get lower prices for rentals.
14. Bring a sample of your cut stones if you are trying to match them (colors or shapes).
15. Bring hand sanitizer since some beads are dirty.
16. Write down and have a list of the dealers with their booth numbers where you have to return to pick up your merchandise at a later time.
17. Some shows have paid and very limited parking for buyers. You can always park for free at JOGS Show parking (Tucson Expo Center, there is a large free parking lot for Tucson buyers) and take free limousines and shuttles to major Tucson Gem Shows.
18. Bring some snacks with you (bags with nuts, some fruits) and small bottles of water. JOGS offers a great food court, outdoors in both the West Hall, and the South Hall.
19. If dealers pack all purchases in the promotional bags, make sure you check your bag while getting your merchandise from them (some buyers can pick your bag from the dealer by mistake).
20. Check the amount of the bags in your order with lines on your invoice to make sure that the bag with merchandise did not fall out from your order.
21. Try to register online and fill registration forms for the shows prior to arrival to save your time.
22. Check the merchandise you are buying, especially if it is closeout. Make sure that beads have the right size of the holes, that the holes are drilled straight. Ask the dealer about the quantity of the certain beads or findings – if they would have them available later if you need to reorder this particular design.
23. Bring a magnified glass if you are buying cut stones to check the clarity and the cut of the colored stones.
24. If you are buying heavy stones, bring a bag with wheels to carry your merchandise.
25. Pick up free Tucson Gem Show directories and show guides to plan your next-day shopping plans in the hotel.
26. Write down your UPS or FedEx account number if you are planning to ship some of your purchases right from the Tucson Gem Show (some major shows have shipping companies in their buildings during the Gem Show period).
27. Make sure you do not leave any merchandise unattended in your car.
28. JOGS and other shows are connected by a free shuttle. Check shuttle times at the South Hall Entrance.
29. If you are booking a hotel, check for places near the airport as these are closest in proximity to the JOGS Show.
30. JOGS has 2 parking options, a free parking lot, located at the Southwest of the Building, this can be best accessed from the Olympic Stravenue off of Irvington Rd.