Welcome to the JOGS San Diego Gem & Jewelry Show. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of the show by ensuring that only active members of the jewelry trade are admitted. To this end, we require all buyers to meet our strict credentialing requirements.

Please note that if you have been approved to attend a JOGS Show within the past two years, you will be automatically approved. To attend the JOGS Show as a buyer, you must be an active retailer of gem, rock, mineral jewelry or a wholesaler of finished jewelry. Manufacturers and wholesale gemstone dealers will not be admitted as buyers but can purchase a special access badge during the registration process.

Please note that receipt of JOGS literature or an exhibitor invitation does not guarantee admission unless all credentialing requirements are satisfied. JOGS Show management reserves the right to refuse admission and forfeit the admission badge.

Upon request, the spouse of the primary contact can be permitted entry with government-issued photo identification proving affiliation by last name or address. No children under 14 years of age are allowed. Cameras are not permitted on the show floor. You may be asked to provide additional information if this is your first time attending, your company has changed, you do not meet the buyer qualifications, or if otherwise required by show management.

Please note the following credentialing requirements:

Proof of owning a registered business (EIN is not accepted)

Copy of Business License or Tax-Exempt Certificate

For each attendee registering under the company, at least one of the following must be provided to confirm employment/affiliation with the company:

Professionally printed business card showing each attendee’s name and their affiliation with the registering company above. Computer printed and DIY business cards will not be accepted.

Any legal documents such as registration of the company’s name, articles of incorporation, leases, etc., that show the registering attendee’s name in affiliation with the registering company.

Attendees registering under the company are still required to show proof of employment/affiliation.
Buyers may pre-register online and print badges instantly, but they are still required to have their badges validated and stamped at the registration desk at the Show site.