Permits, Licenses & Taxes

All JOGS Palm Springs Show exhibitors are required to hold California Seller’s Permit to sell in the City of Palm Springs, CA.

Please contact the California State Board of Equalization and obtain an application for a Temporary Seller’s Permit (No fee). Please call (800) 400-7115 or log onto download the forms.

If you plan to make sales for less than 90 days in the State of California, you may apply for a Temporary Seller’s Permit. Please call (800) 400-7115 or log onto to apply.

More information on California Seller’s Permits can be found here:

Please provide a copy of your California Seller’s Permit or Temporary Seller’s Permit with your Exhibitor’s application for the JOGS Palm Springs Gem and Jewelry Show.

Sales Taxes in the City of Palm Springs, CA

The City of Palm Springs’s Sales Tax rate is 9.25%.

More information about Sales Tax can be found here: