Discover the World of Gems and Jewelry at JOGS International Exhibits
At JOGS International Exhibits, we are a leading force in the gemstone, jewelry, and mineral sectors, known for our diverse and influential exhibitions. These events bring together industry professionals, DIY enthusiasts, artists, and collectors from across the globe, fostering a community rich in diversity and expertise.

Our Mission and Vision:
JOGS expands annually across the United States and introduces transformative events, including the notable annual Tucson Gem Show, San Diego Gem Show, and Las Vegas Jewelry Show. These shows are powerful B2B and B2C networking events, providing unique learning and business development opportunities. At JOGS, we’re committed to nurturing growth and connections in the gem and jewelry community.

Experience and Diversity at JOGS:
With over 20 years of experience, JOGS is a premier source of artisan jewelry, gemstones, diamonds, crystals, minerals, decor, and lapidary tools. Our events, such as the celebrated Tucson shows, feature international exhibitors from over 26 countries. These gatherings showcase our dedication to quality and diversity, offering captivating products and the latest industry trends.

Why JOGS Is Unique:
Renowned for our careful selection of exhibitors, JOGS collaborates with reputable gem & diamond dealers, jewelry suppliers, artists, and miners to ensure a high-quality experience. Our attention to detail has established JOGS as a hub for genuine, handcrafted goods in the gemstone and jewelry world.

A Hub for Industry Professionals and Enthusiasts:
More than just trade shows, JOGS creates a community where retailers, wholesalers, and industry professionals can discover new merchandise and unique finds. It’s ideal for enhancing collections or introducing fresh products to retail stores.

Join the JOGS Community:
 Join us and connect with a passionate community in gems and jewelry.