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Cabochons from Around the World at Kameyab

“Kameyab stands for quality,” Rolando tells me as he shows me the highest quality gemstone beads locked in a showcase at his booth at the JOGS Gem & Jewelry show. “We try to search for the best quality. The quality that we have – that’s what brings the customers back to us.”


Kameyab primarily sells cut stones and cabs from all over the world. Argentina, South Africa, China, Mexico, Kameyab originally started 20 years ago in a garage, but has grown quite big since including an 8,000 square foot showroom in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“The good thing about Kameyab is that we go straight to the mines, get the rough material, and do all our own cutting, which is very important for our customer to prove to them that what they are getting is the real stone.”

Some of Kameyab's high-quality stones locked away in a showcase at the Show

Some of Kameyab’s high-quality stones locked away in a showcase at the Show

Rolando was happy to show me the different types of stones Kameyab had for sale. At Kameyab’s booth were heaps of cut stone beads, and piles of cabs. Their most popular stones are Larimar, Rhodochrosite, Turquoise, Lapis, and Peruvian Opal.

Kameyab Beads

Kameyab Beads

“If they want to learn more and want to get more experience about where the stones come from, how process works, what do you do with this, everyone at Kameyab is more than happy to explain the process on any of the stones.” Rolando explained to me that although the stones come from mines all over the world, most of them are sent back to China for high-quality cutting.

Kameyab Larimar Cabs

Kameyab Larimar Cabs

When I asked Rolando what keeps people coming back to Kameyab, he said, “The quality. The quality is one of the best points for us. We try to search for the best quality. The quality that we have – that’s what brings the customers back to us.” He says customers often start researching what makes a quality stone after visiting Kameyab for the first time.

A selection of Kameyab's beads

A selection of Kameyab’s beads

In their high-end showcase Kameyab had a large variety of stones on display including Australian Opals, Red Corals, Sugilite from Africa, Jelly Purple Opal, Peridot, Lapis, Peruvian Opal, and Larimar. Rolando said customers especially enjoy the Jelly Purple Opal for its light color.

Kameyab Jewelry

Kameyab Jewelry

If you’re interested in working with cabochons, Kamyab is a great place to look for inspiration. At their booth, Kameyab has finished sterling silver Balinese jewelry made with the stones they sell, so artists can see what exactly they can make with the stones for sale.

Peruvian Opal Sterling Silver Necklace

Peruvian Opal Sterling Silver Necklace

“Many people are inspired by that stone because it’s so earthy looking,” Rolando says about a Peruvian Opal piece.

The Kameyab booth at JOGS, which spans across a large area of the show

The Kameyab booth at JOGS, which spans across a large area of the show

“Successfully we’re here, the company has grown so much, we’ve been in business for this long. Kameyab succeeds because our customers.”

If you’re interested in seeing Kameyab’s beads, cabs and finished sterling silver jewelry, you can visit them at the JOGS Gem & Jewelry show, or visit their website at Kameyab Imports Inc. can be reached at 505 821 6217.

3 tips for success used by multi-million dollar companies.

Always make sure your message is getting across to your customers– Online marketing can be tricky at times. Try and play around with some different strategies too see which one works best at reaching out to your customers. This may include e-mail campaigns, social media, or even organize events or seminars for customers. Experimenting can be costly at times but it is key, find what works and use it.

Have a clear purpose for your business- Make sure that your company has a clear purpose and a way to solve the customer’s problems. Do not shape your business around any problems the customer has and try to do a little bit of everything, this will not work. Make sure you are concretely proficient at one aspect before trying to branch out.

The right team of loyal individuals- With the online market constantly changing, Entrepreneurs need to make according changes to there marketing team. Failure in doing so could cause the teams marketing strategy as a whole to weaken.

April not a good month for China’s economy

April was a bad month for the economy of China. Sales, Investments, and Factory outputs hit an all time low in April. this just proves that even the second-largest economy in the world can sink a little bit despite the efforts keeping it afloat.

Is Your Jewelry Summer-Worthy??

Coral, would be the way to go this warm, summer season. The pinkish-peach coral really has that beautiful vibrant color and looks absolutely beautiful paired with aqua freshwater pearls. If you want to take it a step further, add some sea themed charms such as starfish or Triton in sterling silver. If gold tickles your fancy, feel free to add gold but make sure it’s a higher carat lighter gold to fit in the piece.


Jaeger-LeCoultre Comes to TimeCrafters Boasting it’s amazing new collection

Jaeger-LeCoultre will be showing off its new Hybrid Artistica collection at TimeCrafters, a show boasting luxury watches, May 15-18. The collection was first introduced in Geneva at the SIHH show, now it is at ¬†TimeCrafters for there New York premier, next the Shanghai Int’l Film festival, then London for the Masterpiece Fair, and finally Hong Kong for the Watches and Wonders show. This unique new collection boasts 12 exquisite, exceptional timepieces featuring exclusive watch craftsmanship combined with outstanding artistic ideas. ¬†The company stated, “Each of the 12 models in the Hybris Artistica collection represents an unprecedented blend of design, technical construction, watchmaking art, and exquisite craftsmanship to achieve the point of equilibrium that dramatically expresses [Jaeger-LeCoultre‚Äôs] mastery and style.‚ÄĚ

Pictured: The Master Gyrotourbillon I, one of the fine timepieces in this extravagant collections          



Sotheby’s sells a rare brilliant, beautiful stone for $16 million

Sotheby’s broke there own record this year compared to there 2011 Geneva show by selling there brilliant 100.9 carat daffodil-yellow diamond ring for $16 million dollars. This beautiful piece, called “Graff vivid yellow” brought in more money more than the 110 ct. “Sun drop” yellow diamond which brought in $12.3 million dollars at there 2011 show. David Bennett, chairman of Sotheby’s Switzerland and the jewelry department for Europe and the middle east, claims that its immense size and outstanding color gave the Graff vivid yellow it’s hefty price tag. This yellow stone also set the record bringing in $141 million for the auction, a record for any jewelry auction as of today. Other magnificent stones sold at the show include a internally flawless d 25.32 ct. diamond priced at $5.5 million and a marvelous 12.07 ¬†ct. pink diamond ring let go for $6.04 million.

40.5 ct Golconda Diamond headlining Auction in Hong Kong

A rare diamond necklace called “The eye of Golconda” is headlining the Hong Kong show. ¬†This necklace features the largest Golconda diamond to ever be auctioned off ¬†in Asia, 40.5 kt, along with a smaller Golconda diamond, 6.76 ct, as well as emeralds. This necklace can be yours for 8.5 million- 10 million dollars, the estimated sale price. Along with these extravagant pieces, other stones that are being auctioned off include a 9.38 ct pear cut pink diamond for 5.8-8.3 million, 2 flawless brilliant-cut diamonds estimated at 4-6.5 million. One 26.2 and the other 26.08 ct. Not to mention a 3.8-6.5 million dollar jadeite bangle along with many other diamonds in a variety of colors.

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