Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Exhibit Halls

15200 W. 6th Ave.
Golden, Colorado 80401
United States

The Jefferson County Fairground Exhibit Halls offer versatile event space with several key features:

  • Flexible Layout: The facility can be divided to suit your needs, allowing for various room configurations.
  • Spacious: With a total of 10,440 square feet, the exhibit halls provide ample space for your event.
  • Individual Halls: Exhibit Hall 1 offers 3,607 square feet, Exhibit Hall 2 has 3,949 square feet, and Exhibit Hall 3 encompasses 2,682 square feet.
  • Generous Capacity: These halls can accommodate up to 500 attendees in each individual room, or up to 1,500 when combined with open walls.

Recommended Uses: Ideal for a wide range of events, including banquets, conferences, meetings, receptions, trade shows, social gatherings, and special occasions.

Facility Rental Inclusions: When you rent these exhibit halls, you gain access to the facility space, shared parking, guest Wi-Fi, basic utilities, and an on-call team member for on-site assistance. Please note that restroom availability, storage rooms, event rentals, catering, security, parking control, insurance, materials, exhibits, and equipment are not included in the basic rental fees. Rates are for full-day use (7 a.m. – 10 p.m.) unless otherwise specified.

Additional Amenities: The facility offers shared lobby and entrance areas, a podium and projection screen (projector not included), shared restrooms, a stage with basic lighting, and limited tables and chairs arranged according to your prearranged plan.

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