Tucson Gem Show Schedule

Dates are subject to change on this 2020 Tucson Gem Show Schedule, make sure to visit the official website for each show in Tucson and register before they start.
View the International Gem Show Schedule. As the show gets closer, more shows decide on their dates – but most shows will take place late January to early February, 2020.

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Tucson Gem Show 2019 Fall Schedule

August 29 – September 3, 2019JOGS Gem & Jewelry ShowTucson Expo Center
3750 E. Irvington Rd.
Register to Attend
TBDKent’s Tools Jewelry and Lapidary Tool & Supply Show
2745 N. 1st Ave.
September 5 – 8, 2019G&LW Holidome (Wholesale Only)
4475 South Country Club Road
Tucson, AZ 85714-1943
September 5 – 8, 2019The Best Bead ShowKino Veteran’s Memorial Community Center
2805 E. Ajo Way

Tucson Gem Show 2020 Schedule

Tucson Gem Show Schedule 2019
Granada Show GalleryGranada Gallery House 338 N. Granada Ave. (St. Mary’s Rd.)granada-gallery.com(303) 641-2857[email protected]
Executive Inn Mineral & Fossil ShowsFortuna Inn Suites 333 W. Drachman St.tucsongemshow.info(520) 248-7190, (520) 499-3877[email protected]
American Indian ExpositionQuality Inn Flamingo Ballroom 1300 N. Stone Ave.usaindianinfo.com(520) 248-5849[email protected]
Arizona Independent Warehouse ShowWholesale Warehouse Building 1500 E. Apache Park Place independentwarehouseshow.com, therockwarehouse.com(303) 249-5313, (303) 462-1173[email protected]
1801 Oracle Mineral Gem & Fossil ShowSun Gemstone, LLC 1801 N. Oracle Rd.crystalclassics.co.uk(520) 815-8286, +44 (0)1935 862673[email protected]
1820 Oracle Wholesale ShowTop-Gem Minerals Buildings 1835 and 1893 N. 11th Ave. Parking: 1820 N. Oracle Rd. 1820oracle.comtopgem.com(520) 622-6633[email protected]
Kent’s Jewelry, Lapidary, Tool & Supply ShowKent’s Tools 2745 N. 1st. Ave.kentstools.com(520) 461-1350[email protected]
Jan 30 – Feb 10, 2020*JOGS Gem & Jewelry ShowTucson Expo Center 3750 E. Irvington Rd.jogsshow.com(213) 629-3030 Register to Attend

[email protected]

SRGJ Show (The Gem and Jewelry Show on Grant)Grand Luxe Hotel, 1365 W. Grant Rd. Tucson, AZ 85745srgjshows.com(847) 922-4613[email protected]
Tucson’s Hidden Gem ShowThe Warehouse on North Main 707 N. Main Ave.tucsonhiddengem.com(503) 913-6050[email protected]
Kino Gem & Mineral ShowKino Sports Complex, 2500 E. Ajo Wayas-shows.com[email protected]
22nd Street Mineral, Fossil & Gem Show600 W. 22nd St. (via I-10 Service Road)22ndstreetshow.com(973) 903-3256[email protected]
Whole Bead ShowViscount Suite Hotel, 4855 E. Broadway, Tucson AZ 85711wholebead.com(530) 265-2725[email protected]
Best Bead ShowStay Tucson Inn & Suites 5251 S. Julian Drivebestbeadshow.com(610) 241-8329, (610) 909-2674[email protected]
Mineral City Show516 W. Lester St.mineral-city.com(720) 318-8933[email protected]
Pueblo Gem & Mineral ShowRamada Tucson Conference Center 777 W. Cushing St.pueblogemshow.com(310) 586-6816[email protected]
GIGM Show (Globex Gem & Mineral Show/Red Lion Inn)Red Lion Inn 222 S. Freeway Rd.gigmshow.com(520) 251-1800[email protected]
GIGM Show (Howard Johnson Gem & Mineral Show)Howard Johnson 1010 S. Freeway Rd.gigmshow.com(520) 251-1801[email protected]
GIGM Show (Quality Inn Gem & Mineral Show)Quality Inn 750 W. Starr Pass Blvd.gigmshow.com(520) 251-1800[email protected]
Rapa River Gem & Mineral Show292 S. Freeway Ave.rapariver.com(520) 743-0866, Lynn’s cell: (520) 256-2079, Tyo’s cell: (480) 593-3439[email protected]
JG&M Expo601 W Simpson St.jgmexpo.com/tucson(520) 203-8823[email protected]
JG&M Expo (New Tent, Michigan St.)3300 E. Michigan St.jgmexpo.com/tucson(520) 203-8823[email protected]
Miners Co-op Rock ShowMike Jacob Sports Park 6901 N. Casa Grande Highway (I-10 EB Frontage Rd.)tucsonrockgemmineralshow.com(520) 981-2787[email protected]
Colors of the StoneCasino Del Sol 5655 W. Valencia Rd.colorsofthestone.com1 (888) 747-1123[email protected]
To Bead True BlueCasino Del Sol 5655 West Valencia Roadtobeadtrueblue.com1 (888) 747-1123[email protected]
Tucson Bead ShowCasino Del Sol 5655 W. Valencia Rd.thetucsonbeadshow.com1 (888) 747-1123[email protected]
G&LW Gem MallGem Mall 4475 S. Country Club Rd. (Michigan Ave.)glwshows.com(601) 879-8833[email protected]
G&LW HolidomeHolidome 4475 S. Country Club Rd.glwshows.com(601) 879-8832[email protected]
Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show (HTCC Silver & Copper Ballrooms Hotel Tucson City Center open Jan 31 – Feb 13)Hotel Tucson City Center open Jan 31 – Feb 13) 475 N. Granada Ave. (St. Marys)mzexpos.com(505) 867-0425[email protected]
Mineral & Fossil Marketplace1333 N. Oracle Rd.mzexpos.com(505) 867-0425[email protected], [email protected]
Fossil & Mineral AlleyDays Inn Tucson City Center 665 N Freewaymzexpos.com(505) 867-0425[email protected], [email protected]
African Art Village279 S. Linda Ave. (W. Cushing St.)facebook.com(520) 869-7895[email protected]
Tucson Showplace1530 S. Freeway Ave.tucsonshowplacellc.com(520) 620-0007, (866) 377-4666[email protected]
GJX Gem & Jewelry ShowGJX Pavilion 198 S. Granada Ave. (Congress St.)gjxusa.com(520) 882-4200[email protected]
AGTA GemFairTucson Convention Center 260 S. Churchagta.org(214) 742-4367[email protected]
Tucson’s New Mineral Show (TNMS)The Slaughterhouse 1102 W. Grant Roadtucsonsnewmineralshow.com[email protected]
JCK TucsonJW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa 3800 W. Starr Pass Blvd.jckonline.com(203) 840-5684[email protected]
Westward Look Mineral ShowWestward Look Resort, 245 E. Ina Rd.finemineralshow.com(509) 998 – 5987[email protected]
Tucson Gem & Mineral Show ®Tucson Convention Center 260 S. Church Ave.tgms.org(520) 322-5773[email protected]
Fine Minerals InternationalFine Minerals International House 450 N. Granada Ave. (W St. Mary’s Rd.)finemineral.com(732) 318-6760[email protected]
Granada Avenue Mineral Show350 N. Granada Ave. (W St. Mary’s Rd.)facebook.com(516) 623-3800[email protected]
Main Ave Fossil & Mineral ShowGMI Building 1223-1243 N. Main Ave.mainavegemshow.com(520) 889-1840[email protected]
Mineral & Fossil Co-op1635 N. Oracle Rd.facebook.com(520) 398-7008[email protected]
Just Minerals EventElks Lodge 385 1800 N. Oracle Rd.visittucson.org(407) 353-1194[email protected]